London User Group Meetup

19:00 - 21:00 June 6, 2019 en London, United Kingdom

Additional Speakers Sought. Message the organisers if you have something to show or talk about.

This month we are hosted by the folks at Grimshaw and they'll be starting off the evening to explain what Grimshaw is, and why an architectural firm is looking to Unity developers to build tools for AEC industries, as well as a brief introduction into some products and workflows they will be looking to develop in the future.

Adam Martin will demonstrate his Virtual spaceships! Making animated, high framerate, GUIs rapidly and
easily in UnityUI (2017-2019) using Flexbox.

Matthew Hayter @mattjhayter "Compute Shaders: A minimal introduction":

I'll introduce some of the concepts on doing work on the GPU, what compute shaders are useful for, and how they came about. I'll follow with writing the 'hello world' of compute shaders in a recent version of Unity, and then expand that into a real example: the boid flocking algorithm running on the

More talks TBA.

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19:00 - 21:00 June 6, 2019


Grimshaw Architects
57 Clerkenwell Rd
London, Reino Unido

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