Intro to Custom Events

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Unity Analytics allows you to track specific custom events, so you can see how users are interacting with your game. You can use this to identify usage patterns by analyzing a player segment that triggers a specific event. Or in conjunction with funnels to better understand where your players are dropping off.

A custom event is any event that you want to track that isn’t already handled by the Unity Analytics SDK. Unity Analytics captures default metrics such as: device platform, new users, sessions, etc.
- Custom events can be any specific in-game action your player takes.
- Parameters describe attributes or details of an Event or the player performing it.

Here are some examples of custom events and their associated parameters


Custom Event Reporting

Data (including parameters) are aggregated at the segment level in Data Explorer. Currently there’s not a way to analyze individual user level data via the dashboard. To view your data:

  1. In Data Explorer → Add Custom Event This allows you to select a Custom Event and segment whose data you wish to analyze.

  2. In Data Explorer → Add Custom Event → Click View Parameters This drills down to a specific custom event, allowing you to examine each event parameter.

- For numerical parameters: Count, sums and averages
- For non-numeric parameters (strings and booleans): Count and categorical breakdown



  1. Where are good places to put custom events?
    A few suggestions are when a user passes an important milestone, levels up, or makes an in-app purchase made.

  2. How do I review the events that I’ve set up?
    There are a couple of methods to view this:

- You can review your events in the event validator (up to the last 50 events). We do have a limit of 10,000 events per project that can be logged in the validator. If for any reason you stop seeing events captured, you've probably hit your cap. Please contact us to reset this.
- Within Data Explorer, there is an option to "Add Custom Event.” You can view your events in the dropdown menu.

  1. Why are my events not showing up in Data Explorer?
    If your events show up in the validator, you may need to wait 4-6 hours for the data to process (the validator is instantaneous). Check back to see if your dashboard populates with data.

  2. What data can I export using CSV option?
    The CSV export option gives (at the segment level) the count, average, and sum of your numeric parameters, and the count for string and boolean parameters.