Revisado con versión: 2017.3


Dificultad: Principiante

We have two pre-made enemies in the Kit: Chomper and Spitter. Find these in the Project window, in Prefabs > Enemies

They are both controlled by the Enemy Behaviour Component in the Inspector. You can use this Component to adjust properties like the enemy’s speed, field of view (FOV), health, and much more. Each enemy has the same Component, they are just set up slightly differently. Note that as well as setting specific values, you can also click and drag left/right on Component properties to scrub through values.

Try adding a Chomper to your Scene. Play around with the settings to adjust his speed and field of view (FOV). Don’t forget that while in Play mode, you can press F12 to make sure weapons are enabled, and attack with O or K.

In the Scene above, a Chomper is selected. We have adjusted his View FOV and View Direction so that he won’t spot Ellen until he turns around:

For more information on the Enemy Behaviour Component check the Components Documentation.

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