Game Objects & Components

Revisado con versión: 2017.3


Dificultad: Principiante

We build games in Unity using Game Objects and Components. Components give behaviour or functionality to a Game Object and in this lesson you will use a Rigidbody component to add Physics properties to your Game Objects.

How to use this Interactive Tutorial

This lesson is an Interactive Tutorial and takes place entirely inside the Unity Editor, to launch it, simply visit the 'Learn' area of the Unity Hub (the launcher window that appears when you open Unity) as shown in the image below, and click the 'Download' button to the right of the Lesson description, a progress bar will appear as the content is downloaded.


Once the content is ready, the 'Download' button will turn into a 'Start' button. Click 'Start' to launch the interactive tutorial and follow the instructions inside the Tutorial panel -


Each Interactive Tutorial concludes and offers you the chance to Save your project or Forget it. Once you close an Interactive tutorial you will be returned to the Unity Hub where you can choose another tutorial.

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