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Dificultad: Principiante


For questions, suggestions, feel free to email Ciro Continisio (or get in touch through Twitter for quick comments). If you want to contribute to the project, check it out on Github, fork it, and create pull requests.

Note All suggestions will be considered, but keep in mind that the goal of the Playground is not to have as many scripts and features as possible. Having a reasonable amount of content makes it more focused and easier to learn. We believe that once the learners have explored the entirety of the Playground and want more, it’s time for them to move on and create their own game from scratch.


Unity Playground has been created by Ciro Continisio. Graphics by Stefano Guglielmana.

Special thanks to

Unity Technologies, and especially the Brighton Content team for helping with the final push to put the Playground on the Asset Store. for the free graphics which have been used for the first iteration of the Playground.

Dioselin Gonzalez, John Sietsma for believing in the project and using it in their workshops first.

Stine Kjærbøll for some precious early feedback, and the Note: for the logo design.

Nikoline Høgh and Nevin Eronde for more UX early feedback and enthusiasm.

Phil Jean for suggesting an important change which would be a turning point for the project.

Numerous contributors to the Github repository: Sophia Clarke, Ethan Bruins, Mark Suter, Jim "Jimbo" Picton, “Arche-san”, and all the others I’m forgetting right now!

Everyone at Coderdojo Brighton and the attendees of New Employee Orientation at Unity, who have been the first involuntary test subjects.

Finally, all the teachers and educators who are using the Playground in any capacity today!