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Guidelines for using Unity Trademarks

v. 4.0

We, Unity Technologies and its affiliates (“Unity”), provide these guidelines (“Guidelines”) for our customers, authorized resellers, technology partners, and the media who wish to use or to refer to Unity’s trademarks, service marks, names, symbols, indicators of source (of a product or service), designs, icons, designations, or logos (“Trademarks”). Unity’s Trademarks are extremely valuable to Unity, and these Guidelines set out the ground rules for their use. Unity has a number of Trademarks, both registered and unregistered, including the Trademarks listed here (“Unity Trademark List”). Use of Unity’s Trademarks is only allowed as provided in these Guidelines or under separate written permission by Unity, so please review these Guidelines carefully.

Authorized resellers, partners, etc.

Unity maintains certain programs for authorized resellers, technology partners, and vendors, and other arrangements with other licensees under separate written agreements. These partners may use Unity Trademarks in accordance with the terms of those agreements and these Guidelines. If an agreement does not provide for any terms concerning Unity Trademarks, these Guidelines will apply; in the event of any conflict between terms in an agreement and these Guidelines, the terms of the agreement will apply.

Usos permitidos: marcas denominativas

You may use Unity Trademarks that are not Unity Logos (“Unity Wordmarks” e.g., “Unity”) as follows:

  1. Podrás usar Unity Wordmarks (marcas de Unity) para describir o hacer referencia a productos o servicios de Unity. (Por ejemplo, para describir que usas el software de Unity como tu herramienta de desarrollo o para promocionar el software de Unity como un producto.)
  2. Podrás usar Unity Wordmarks para describir o hacer referencia a productos o servicios de Unity en relación con tus productos o servicios para explicar esa conexión, siempre que dicha explicación sea verdadera y exacta, que Unity Wordmarks no se incorporen a las Marcas de tus productos o servicios, y que su uso se ciña a esta Guía. (Por ejemplo, para indicar que tu producto es «compatible con el software de Unity» o que tu servicio incluye «tutoriales para el software de Unity»).
  3. Puedes usar las marcas denominativas de Unity en todo tipo de materiales publicados, digitales o de otra naturaleza, siempre que tu uso guarde conformidad con todo lo que se enuncia a continuación y cumpla, en otros aspectos, con esta Guía:
    • el uso de las marcas denominativas de Unity debe guardar verdadera relación con el tema de los materiales;
    • las marcas denominativas de Unity no deben ocupar un lugar más destacado en los materiales que tus marcas registradas, incluidas las marcas registradas de tus productos y servicios; y
    • debes proporcionar un aviso de marca registrada, tal como se describe en esta Guía.

Permitted uses: Logos/brand assets

Unity uses many different logos, brand assets, and icons (“Logos”) in association with its business. As you can appreciate, while we are glad that many people would like to use our Logos, we need to protect the integrity of our brand (for our own sake and for our customers). Therefore, we explain in this section which Logos you can use without separate permission and how you can get permission in some other cases.

If your situation is not covered, you may make a separate request for permission below. If you are a partner, reseller, or vendor please check first if you have a separate written agreement with us concerning our Logos.

Ground rules for all logos

Unless you have a separate agreement with us to the contrary, permitted uses of our Logos must comply with these Guidelines, our Style guide, and the following general rules for Logos:

  • Use current, official, unmodified Unity Logos. Each Unity Logo is an artistic asset. As such, you may only use those Unity Logos from the download source indicated to you by Unity or reproductions of master artwork provided by Unity, and you must follow any Unity Logo style guide made available by Unity. The Unity Logos may not be altered or modified in any way, including by changing the colors, changing the font, applying strokes, rearranging elements of the design, or stretching/distorting. Nor may Unity Logos be animated. Clear and consistent use is required.
  • Asegúrate de que los logos de Unity se vean claramente. Además de evitar la distorsión, no debes reducir el tamaño de los logos de Unity dándoles una apariencia poco clara, borrosa o de otro modo ilegible.
  • Asegúrate de que haya espacio suficiente entre los logos de Unity y otros elementos gráficos o textuales. Los logos de Unity deben verse e interpretarse siempre como elementos únicos.
  • No utilices los logos de Unity para «embellecer» o «darle vida» a tus materiales. Los logos de Unity son assets artísticos y no deben utilizarse con fines meramente estilísticos.
  • Do not make Unity Logos the star of your show. We permit the use of our Logos for informational purposes concerning our products and services. Prominent or otherwise unmeasured use is confusing and could suggest some endorsement or affiliation.
Unity Logos and their uses that do not require separate permission

Creado con el logo de Unity


“Made with Unity” promotes the fact that your creation was made with our software platform. As such, this logo may be used in association with games, apps, or other digital media you created with the Unity software platform and that you distribute to end-users.

Unity & “cube” logo


Our main corporate or “house“ logo. Except where a separate written agreement controls, use of this logo without separate permission is permitted but limited to the following cases:

Promotion of Unity products/services

For the purposes of promoting Unity products/services in marketing or advertising materials, so long as the space where it is used is exclusively for Unity products/services and no others (including your own).

Community expression

You may use this Unity logo in informational materials such as a blog/vlog post about Unity products/services or their use, as long as the use is non-commercial and the materials do not look like official Unity materials or like Unity has endorsed the materials.

As in other cases, it is especially important that you do not use the Unity logo in any way to promote you, your business/products/services, or anyone else or their business/products/services. You also cannot misrepresent yourself, such as claiming that you have Unity Certification if you do not.

Tab “cube” logo


Permitted uses without separate permission for this logo are the same as for our main corporate logo, except that this logo is only to be used where economy of space for a logo reasonably demands it – in other words, when using the main corporate logo would result in it looking “too small,” unclear, or distorted.

Partner Badge/Verification Badge

El término "Insignia de socio" se refiere a cualquiera de las siguientes insignias:

El término "Insignia de verificación" se refiere únicamente a la insignia siguiente:

If you have a separate written agreement with Unity for use of any “Partner Badge” or “Verification Badge,” you will be provided with instructions on how to download the logos. For any Partner Badge or Verification Badge, you must adhere to the following specific rules in addition to the general rules on permitted logo use in these Guidelines.

Specific rules for Partner Badges

A Partner Badge may only be used to illustrate the fact of the actual relationship between the partner and Unity as evidenced by the relevant agreement between the partner and Unity, and only so long as the agreement and recognition by Unity is in effect.

Si bien la insignia de socio se utiliza para mostrar esta relación y este reconocimiento, no puede usarse para mostrar ni insinuar algún tipo de afiliación con Unity ni para sugerir que Unity te patrocina o que de algún otro modo avala tus productos. Esto también significa, por ejemplo, que no puedes poner la insignia de socio en ningún "paquete" (digital o de otro tipo) de tus productos ni tampoco usar la insignia de socio en relación con tus productos en los materiales de mercadotecnia.

For example, if you are a Verified Solutions Partner, you may use that Partner Badge on your website and marketing materials, but not in association with specific products; being a Verified Solutions Partner, however, you may use the Verification Badge in association with the product for which you received the Verification Badge.

For greater certainty, a Verified Solutions Partner may use that Partner Badge only so long as such Partner has a right to use a Verification Badge.

La insignia de socio tampoco debe mostrarse de manera tal que sea más grande o se muestre más destacada que tu propia marca. Tampoco debe incluirse nunca dentro de la composición fija del logo de tu propia marca.

Please also see and adhere to the Badges section of our Logo Guidelines.

Specific rules for Verification Badges

The Verification Badge may only be used to illustrate the fact that your product met, and continues to meet, Unity's requirements for the Verification Badge.

Importantly, the Verification Badge concerns the product and not the business in general of the person or company that has received authorization to use the Verification Badge. That means the Verification Badge must be used only in association with the verified product, and only so long as it remains verified in accordance with Unity’s requirements.

Please also see and adhere to the Badges section of our Logo Guidelines.

Certificación de Unity

Our Unity Certification offerings, including for individuals seeking certification, and Unity Training or Certification partners, also permit the use of certain Unity Logos and badges. Please consult our Unity Certification portal for details on these programs.

Preguntas más frecuentes

With these Trademark Guidelines, we have done our best to address how you may seek to use Unity Trademarks, but there is nothing like a good example to make a point clear. The following are frequently asked questions about Unity Trademarks and their permitted use.

My website is entirely dedicated to providing free lessons to help people learn using Unity software. As my whole website is related to Unity software, can I use the Unity & “cube” logo in the header/title and have a domain name containing “Unity”?

Unfortunately, a domain name containing the trademark ”Unity” is not permitted, as it is a source of potential confusion for our community.

And even though for non-commercial purposes, use of our house logo in the header/title is the kind of prominent use that is confusing for our community, which is also not permitted.

A common denominator of confusion in a case like this is the appearance that Unity has provided or endorsed the materials.

I develop plugins for Unity software. Can I use the Unity & “cube” logo on the download page of my website?

No. While being supportive of the community, which we love, developing plugins is your own business. Using our house logo in connection with this business could mislead our community into thinking there is a connection (affiliation or endorsement) between Unity and your product.

However, you may be interested in becoming a Unity Partner, which would allow the use of certain logo(s) depending on the case. Check our Unity Partner pages for details.

And you are of course free to use the “Unity” wordmark in a descriptive sense – to describe or to refer to Unity products or services themselves, or to explain how your plugin is connected to Unity products or services, using terms such as “compatible with” or “for use with” Unity software as long as those descriptions are accurate and not misleading.

I made a game using Unity software. Can I use the Unity & “cube” logo in my game?

No. We're thrilled that your game was made with Unity software, but the right logo for this is our “Made with Unity” logo.

Can I use the Unity & “cube” logo in tutorials for Unity software on my Youtube channel?

You may use our house logo in informational videos distributed via video-sharing websites about Unity products and/or services or their use, as long as it does not look like official Unity materials or Unity endorsing the materials, and that you do not associate our logo with anything other than Unity products and/or services.

But it can't be used to promote you, your business, or your channel. So, just for example, that means you can't use the logo in your thumbnail, in video descriptions, in your channel banner, or otherwise prominently anywhere in the channel or in videos.

I want to create a group on social media websites to help game developers find the best currently available assets on the Unity Asset Store. Can I name my group “Unity Game Assets”?

No. The name of your group, “Unity Game Assets”, contains the trademark “Unity” and sounds like an official group/page, or suggests some affiliation or endorsement. It is a source of potential confusion for users and customers. A descriptive name, like “best assets on Unity Asset Store“, etc., would be fine, though.

I am a game design student, and my student projects are made with Unity software. Can I use the Unity & “cube” logo in my projects/portfolio?

Yes, as long as you are following our Trademark Guidelines. Our house logo can be used in informational materials about Unity products/services or their use, as long as it is for non-commercial use, it does not look like official Unity materials or Unity endorsing the materials, and that you do not associate our logo with anything other than Unity products/services. It is especially important that you do not use the Unity logo in any way to promote you or your business/products/services, so as to avoid any potential cause of confusion for users and consumers (--e.g., to induce or suggest that your projects are provided or endorsed by Unity).

Note, too, that you are always welcome to use the “Made with Unity logo”in association with content made using Unity software (games, apps, digital media, etc.).

I will soon release a book on game development using Unity software. Can I add the Unity & “cube” logo on the book cover?

No. This isn't permitted because it tends to suggest some affiliation with, or endorsement by, Unity, which does not exist. And, as always, Unity logos cannot be used to promote you, your business and/or your products/services.

At the same time, though, we appreciate our tremendous support from the community and you are very much welcome to use the “Unity” wordmark in a descriptive way (--e.g., ”Handbook on Developing with Unity Software”) consistent with our Trademark Guidelines.

Always use Unity Trademarks properly

El objetivo de una marca registrada es funcionar como una indicación de origen (es decir, la fuente de los bienes y servicios). Esta es la razón que explica el valor de las marcas registradas: crean un crédito mercantil para el proveedor de los bienes o servicios y ayudan a los consumidores a comprender de dónde provienen los mismos. Por ello, asegúrate de utilizar adecuadamente las marcas registradas de Unity, tal como se explica a continuación:

  • Usa las marcas registradas de Unity solamente como adjetivos. Las marcas registradas son adjetivos: deben describir y modificar algo, y no deben utilizarse como nombres o verbos. Por ejemplo:
    Derecho Incorrecto
    ¡Obtén software de Unity! ¡Obtén Unity!
  • Use Unity Trademarks to describe Unity products or services without suggesting any affiliation with or endorsement by Unity, such as by referencing Unity products in a descriptive sense with respect to your product. For example:
    Derecho Incorrecto
    Tutoriales de XYZ sobre software de Unity Tutoriales de Unity
  • Asegúrate de que haya espacio libre suficiente entre las Marcas de Unity y otros elementos gráficos o de texto para que estos se interpreten como elementos únicos. Por ejemplo:
    Derecho Incorrecto
    Videos educativos de XYZ sobre software de Unity Videos educativos de XYZ-Unity
  • Usa las marcas registradas de Unity sin hacerles ninguna modificación, como abreviaturas o el uso de la forma posesiva. Por ejemplo:
    Derecho Incorrecto
    XYZ aprovecha el poder del kit de herramientas Unity ML-Agents XYZ aprovecha el poder de la tecnología ML
  • Proporciona el aviso de marca registrada correcto. Los materiales publicados de cualquier tipo, que incluyen los materiales digitales, como páginas web o anuncios digitales que muestran las marcas registradas de Unity, deben llevar un aviso de marca registrada. Este aviso puede aparecer en los créditos, un pie de página u otra ubicación similar. La forma del aviso debe ser la siguiente:
    • “[This website/these materials/(product/service or company name)] [is/are] not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. [Unity Trademark(s)] [is a/are] trademark[s] or registered trademark[s] of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.”
    • Por ejemplo, en materiales en los que se haga referencia a «Unity» (y que no muestren un logo de Unity):
    • “Estos materiales no están patrocinados por, ni vinculados a Unity Technologies ni ninguna de sus filiales. «Unity» es una marca comercial o marca registrada de Unity Technologies o sus filiales en los EE.UU. y otros lugares».

Things you can’t do

As mentioned, our Trademarks are some of our most important assets, therefore:

  • Do not use any Unity Logos except as permitted by these Guidelines or under a separate agreement in writing with Unity.
  • Do not register or apply for registration of, and do not use, Unity Trademarks (or any confusingly similar Trademarks or translations or transliterations) for your business, your products, or your services, nor as any social media name or handle (e.g., hashtag) or as any part of any domain name.
  • Do not use Unity Trademarks (or any confusingly similar Trademarks) in a way that may suggest an affiliation with, or endorsement/sponsorship/approval by, Unity.
  • No utilices las marcas registradas de Unity de forma que pudiera causar confusión de nuestras marcas registradas con las de un tercero.
  • Do not use Unity Trademarks to discredit or disparage Unity or its products or services, including any use that may tarnish Unity’s reputation or damage the goodwill associated with Unity Trademarks
  • No utilices las marcas registradas de Unity de forma engañosa o fraudulenta, lo que incluye la publicidad de cualquiera de los productos o servicios de Unity.
  • No utilices las marcas registradas de Unity asociadas a cualquier información o material que Unity pudiera considerar inaceptable, lo que incluye cualquier cosa que, a criterio de Unity, pudiera ocasionar lo siguiente:
    • to infringe, misappropriate, or violate a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights, or other intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy; to violate, or encourage any conduct that would violate, any applicable law or regulation or would give rise to liability of any kind;
    • to be defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or offensive; to promote discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment, or harm against any individual or group;
    • promover la violencia o acciones que representen una amenaza para cualquier otra persona; o
    • promover actividades o sustancias nocivas o ilegales.
  • No utilices las marcas registradas de Unity como contraseñas, términos de búsqueda, metadatos u otros identificadores en cualquier servicio de anuncios en línea.

Denuncia de uso indebido de la marca registrada

En caso de que te encuentres con marcas registradas cuya similitud con las marcas registradas de Unity pudiera llevar a confusión, o si tomas conocimiento de algún uso de las marcas registradas de Unity que contravenga esta Guía, te rogamos que nos lo comuniques por escrito a la siguiente dirección trademarks@unity3d.com

Questions/separate logo permission requests

If you have any questions concerning these Guidelines or have a logo authorization request, kindly contact trademarks@unity3d.com. Please understand that processing requests can take time. In making any request, you acknowledge that Unity’s Privacy Policy will govern Unity’s collection and use of any personal data provided in connection with that request.