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Known Issues in 2021.2.7f1

  • AI: NavMesh Agent can not pass through passable area between carving NavMesh Obstacles (1346325)

  • Android: Sometimes text is not rendered when using OpengLES3 on a Xiaomi Redmi9A device. (1347186)

  • Asset Importers: Editor hangs on exit when importing Maya files and exiting the Editor (1378586)

  • Build Pipeline: Windows build fails when using Deltatre Magma Engine (1382217)

  • DirectX12: Objects are not lighted in Game view when using SEGI system with Graphics API for Windows set to Direct3D12 (1375746)

  • HD RP: [General][AssetDB][URP] Adding URP to the project causes reimports of many assets and goes into infinite import loops (1374611)

  • IMGUI: List Elements in the PropertyField disappear when the window is displayed on the second screen (1371078)

  • Inspector Framework: In Record and Preview mode, right clicking Scale does not bring up Animation related features (1365369)

  • Linux: Player settings and other options are locked after script compilation (1380015)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at "RegisterRuntimeInitializeAndCleanup::ExecuteCleanup()" when quitting from "Enter Safe Mode" prompt [Linux] (1374087)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at "__assert_fail_base.cold" when opening a project (Linux) (1375312)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "CompareObjectUndo" when rapidly selecting and deselecting vertices in UModeler (1383598)

  • MacOS: [OSX][Editor] DirectoryNotFoundException errors appear when a project is created inside a directory with unicode characters (1377915)

  • Metal: Consistent EditorLoop 5-10ms spikes when using Metal API (1378985)

  • Metal: GameObject's colors are rendered differently in the iOS build compared to the colors in the Editor (1379817)

  • OpenGL: Unity crashes when entering "-force-opengl" or "-force-glcore" in the Advanced Project Settings (1374768)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: Unity 2021.2 crashes on some Windows7 PCs when tbb12.dll gets loaded (1361676)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Crash due to out of bounds access violation in PowerSampling after enabling auto mode at the end of bake on AMD GPU (1379762)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: [GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM in CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT after switching light color only and rebaking GI (1356714)

  • Scene Management: Crash on UndoManager::CheckConsistencyOfAffectedTransforms after undoing script instantiated Prefabs (1382649)

  • Scene Management: Crash when calling hideFlags after removing missing nested prefab (1381563)

  • Scene Management: Editor crashes when simultaneously editing multiple GameObjects (1383949)

  • Scene Management: Instantiated FBX through code throws error after leaving Play Mode (1363573)

  • Scene/Game View: Camera resolution is set to default when opening the Editor (1378321)

  • Scripting: Only some assemblies fail to be loaded when assembly name does not match the file name (1345099)

  • Scripting: [MacOS] An Unhandled exception is thrown in the Editor.log and Console window when trying to build AssetBundles (1383700)

  • Serialization: [CacheServer] Editor crashes when "IP Address" in Project Settings is empty (1373314)

  • ShaderGraph: Some lit Shaders are having huge count of variants which leads to project build prevention (1378545)

  • Shadows/Lights: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • Shuriken: [Particles] Inspector breaks and errors are thrown when the Material field is deleted from the Particle System (1379541)

  • Vulkan: [Editor] The Scene's GameObjects textures are seemingly random and change colours depending on the Scene's Camera pos. (1337772)

  • Windows: Editor crashes or freezes with 'Copying file failed' error when importing a file from WinRAR Archiver (1325310)

  • XR SDK: [XR][Linux] Scene View doesn't render when opening new AR or VR Template project or pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362435)

2021.2.7f1 Release Notes


  • Package: Update the Postprocessing v2 package to 3.2.0. Full package release notes available here:

  • Package: Updated the Timeline package version to 1.6.3. Full package release notes available here:


  • 2D: Fixed a reordering of Sorting Layers List issue in the Tag Manager. (1376779)

  • Graphics: [VFX] Fixed an issue where there was a useless ApplyShader call with sleeping VFX systems. This has been removed. (1346028)

  • iOS: Fixed a crash when orientation in Awake was set under some circumstances. (1371559)

  • iOS: Fixed an iOS hanging and crashing issue when a call came in. (1368258)

  • License: Fixed a license client issue when a connection was refused on pipe by forcing a relaunch. (1377916)

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where Mac standalone player builds would fail if using a custom icon and building an Xcode project.

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where switching between development and release players would cause player builds to fail. (1367944)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the BuiltIn documentation link did not open the right editor version url. (1376379)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an alignment of custom property drawers and nested property fields issue. (1350566)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the canvas document styling was broken after Save. (1378420)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the duplicate mouse entered and left events on composite root elements during the AtTarget propagation phase. (1367771)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the Editor was using of the UI Builder package instead of the built-in version.

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where transitions sometimes did not animating after the first transition. (1367510)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an TextField IndexOutOfRangeException issue when entering playmode. (1374412)

  • Visual Scripting: Fixed a regression where AOT Stubs were not being generated correctly, causing AOT builds to fail when run.

Changeset: 6bd9e232123f

Unity 2021.2.7

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