Unity 4.5.2

The Unity 4.5.2 release brings you some fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.5 Release Notes.

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Notas sobre la versión


  • 2D : SpriteRenderers with a negative scale can now batch together with SpriteRenderers with a positive scale.
  • 2D : Sprite references will not break if sprites are renamed or deleted using the Sprite Editor.
  • Android : Fixed the build failure on latest Android SDK (v23)
  • Android : Switched to UTF encoding for compiling java resource files
  • Asset Management : Assets referenced by GUIStyle are no longer incorrectly collected by UnloadUnusedAssets
  • AI : NavMesh carving obstacles are spatially sorted for robustness.
  • Asset Import : Autodesk Maya 2015 not supported, MEL scripts need to be updated
  • Audio : Fixed regression with AudioClips that are flagged as streaming
  • Core : Added AssetBundle.CreateFromMemoryImmediate, to create AssetBundles from a byte array synchronously.
  • Core : Asset Bundle Export performance increase
  • Documentation : Updated documentation based on user feedback and minor bugs found
  • Documentation : Add a section on script serialisation and serialisation in general.
  • Documentation : Array doesn't display methods twice anymore
  • Documentation : Fixed documentation layout on mobile browsers (as well as small doc improvements)
  • Editor : Fixed issue with prefabs not maintaining new position if moved in hierarchy.
  • Editor : Added preference setting to enable alphabetical hierarchy sorting.
  • Editor : Fixed performance issues with large & flat scene hierarchies (new hierarchy window in 4.5 was slower on them).
  • Editor : Fixed issue with object Transform being set to the origin when Prefab was dropped into hierarchy window.
  • Editor : Killed annoying cmd windows that was popping up during android deployment
  • Editor : Fixed Asset Store window showing up blank in DirectX 11 mode on some laptop graphics cards
  • Editor : Don't show any blinking cmd windows while launching the dab server
  • Editor : Fixed erroneous "Mismatched serialisation in the builtin class 'Mesh'" errors when loading meshes imported with Unity 3.5.0.
  • Editor : Fixed security issues when trying to set Android SDK location under non-admin account
  • Editor : Fixed console not having a scroll bar for error detail
  • Graphics : Fixed light matrix (_LightMatrix0) not always being set to shaders in deferred lighting.
  • Graphics : Fixed Camera's Depth & DepthNormals textures sometimes using the wrong filtering mode.
  • Graphia's : Fixed light Halo not initially rendering, unless there is another Halo component in the scene.
  • Graphics : Particle Sub Emitter not playing after Pause()
  • Image Effects : Fixed CameraMotionBlurDX11 shader having a syntax error. Whoops!
  • Linux : Fixed regression in mouse look behaviour.
  • Linux : Deploy more configuration metadata with standalone players
  • Mecanim : Fixed errors/crash when using Animator:GetCurrentAnimationClipState on layers
  • Mecanim : Fixed transitioning into empty state on a synced layer.
  • Mecanim: Fixed transition to self speed during AnyState transition.
  • Mecanim : Improved performance of activating the Animator.
  • Mecanim : Improved memory usage per instance.
  • Physics 2D : Display a warning against a 2D collider when it is unable to create a Box2D collision shape due to it not meeting Box2D constraints.
  • Physics 2D : Only update 2D rigid-body position and/or rotation as transform position/rotation changes respectively.
  • Physics 2D : Stop a crash when removing 2D rigid-body during a collision callback.
  • Physics 2D : Add missing "distance" property to RaycastHit2D.
  • Physics 2D : Ensure that reference angle is maintained for both HingeJoint2D and SliderJoint2D when a component change occurs.
  • Physics 2D : Fix occasional crash when unloading scenes with lots of 2D static colliders.
  • Physics 2D : Stop 2D colliders from being generated twice upon start-up.
  • Physics 2D : Fix how rotational inertia and centre-of-mass is calculated.
  • Rendering-Other : Clear back-buffer after resolution change on Windows.
  • Rendering-Other : Fixed GLES3 shader compiling failure on non-const global initialisation. Note that this has been fixed only for Android in this patch.
  • Scripting : Fixed Socket.ExclusiveAddressUse using UDP to work on Linux
  • Scripting : Fixed support for serialising array of generic types
  • Scripting : Fixed step-out in debugger behaving as continue in some scenarios.
  • Scripting : Reduce spam from serialisation depth warning to a single warning.
  • Scripting : Fixed double-clicking a C# script will open MonoDevelop instead of Visual Studio.
  • Serialization : Fixed GraphicsSettings reset on project open if using text serialisation mode.
  • Shaders : Fixed preprocessor regressions in HLSL-to-GLSL translation (token pasting, macros with line continuations, other complex macros).
  • Shaders : Fixed surface shader regression with multiple spaces between "pragma" and "surface".
  • Shaders: Fixed GLES3 shader compiling failure on non-const global initialisation.
  • Substance : Fix rare semaphore-related error message.
  • Substance : Fix rare hangs/crashes when building user projects.
  • Substance : Decrease memory footprint after initial scene load
  • Substance : Fixed potential crash when baking ProceduralTextures to compressed formats
  • Webplugin : Fixed a crash where decompression threads were still working, even though the plugin was being closed.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Fixed small memory leak in animation system.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Fixed animating camera and 2D sprite properties.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Unity will now properly post-process .winmd files.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Unity will properly fix InternalsVisibleToAttribute on post-processing.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Fixed MonoBehaviour serialisation when SerializableAttribute is not specified in base classes.
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Unity will now correctly recognise System.Nullable <-> Windows.Foundation.IReference type alias when checking for unavailable APIs
  • Windows Phone 8/ Windows Store Apps : Shader depth bias (Offset) will now correctly work on DX11 feature level 9.x.
  • Windows Store Apps : Unity C# projects can be rebuilt multiple times without file copying errors.
  • Windows Store Apps : Fixed NullReferenceException when building with SDK 8.0

Known Issues

  • Android : Continue to look for JDK if JAVA_HOME points to too old JDK
  • Graphics : Shader error when building and playing Bootcamp project on Windows XP.
  • Scripting : Double-clicking a C# script will open MonoDevelop instead of Visual Studio.
  • If Visual Studio is already open with another project, it will still fail. However, it will work when Visual Studio is closed.


Unity 4.5.2

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