Bahrain Unity Meetup Co-Dev Day

21:00 - 23:00 May 18, 2019 in Karbabad, Bahrain

Co-Dev Days are days in which several people come together at a certain location to work and help each other out. Working along people helps you maintain your excitement, receive feedback, overcome tough challenges and even meet new faces.

Co-Dev Days are open to everyone, from programmers, musicians, artists and others! Don't feel shy, come and say hi.

If you need help, feel free to message one of the organizers and we'll assist as much as possible.

If you have work that is not game dev related but would like the company, please feel free to join. We are an open community!


How to find the meetup:

Meetup is usually located on the on the upper floor. Feel free to call organizers +973 36545295 for additional directions.

Event details


21:00 - 23:00 May 18, 2019


Crust & Crema
1744 Rd No 3035
Karbabad, Bahrain

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