VR Training Workshop, Brighton, UK

10:00 - 17:00 November 27, 2017 in Brighton, United Kingdom

VR Training Workshop

In this intermediate level workshop, participants will learn to get started in VR.  The project built in the workshop is the Laser Cop Room Scale VR Game. Subjects covered include developing a basic VR game for PC/Mac/Console, optimization techniques, ergonomics, physics and audio for VR.  It requires both a headset and controllers, but there is a test script that will allow for in-editor development for participants who did not bring a VR headset with them.  Although a gaming project is used as the example in this workshop, the features and functions are applicable to all Unity projects.


What you will Learn

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to :

  • Develop a basic VR game for PC/Mac/Console 

  • Work within the limitations presented by the platform by using optimization techniques such as object pooling

  • Make ergonomic considerations for VR space

  • Make adjustments to previously created Prefabs

  • Set up a basic VR rig for head and hand movement

  • Have a deeper understanding of the Unity physics engine and how to edit its parameters

  • Manage audio for VR spaces

Some Practical Details

You will need to bring your laptop (Windows or OSX), power supply (including any necessary international adapters), a mouse and/or accessories you work best with.

Please install Unity prior to the workshop (requirement of Unity 2017.1 and later).  Please bring VR headset and controller or advise us if you require them.

Lunch and beverages will be provided. 

The EMEA EDU team 

Event details


10:00 - 17:00 November 27, 2017


Unity Technologies
Cityview, 103 Stroudley Road
BN1 4DJ Brighton, United Kingdom

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