Unity Hub Release Notes


Oct. 25, 2021

What’s New

Install new Apple silicon Editor

  • Download and install Apple silicon Editors through the Hub
    • Note: Currently, Hub only supports the installation of either Apple Intel or Apple silicon Editors at a time for a given version. Concurrent or “side-by-side” workflows will be available soon
  • Visual badge/label to distinguish Apple Intel vs. Apple silicon editors
  • Apple silicons Editors are also available through CLI

Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Improved support and better integration. Download the latest .tgz archive for Linux available here: https://unity.com/download and check out the README file for instructions on how to run the scripts provided
  • Fixed slowness when opening Hub

License Management

  • Increased timeout for licensing initialization, helping slower machines to set up correctly
  • Fixed folder error creation for license activation

Onboarding Flow

  • Updated installation step on Linux to reflect the real storage available


  • Fixed templates not loading offline for project creation after they’ve been downloaded
  • Fixed duplicated remote projects
  • Added the possibility to choose a location for remote projects before downloading them
  • Fixed remote projects not loading properly when signed out
  • Improved search for templates in New Project creation flow
  • Removed add platforms option for located editors
  • Fixed New Project creation error fields

Download and Installs

  • Fixed Apple silicon Editors not being detected after restarting Hub
  • Added a way to visually identify installations that failed
  • Improved validation checks during installation
  • Fixed Android modules installation



Sep. 29, 2021

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixing and improving the Hub CLI (experimental feature):

  • Ability to install an editor from version (--version/-v) or changeset (--changeset/-c) with/without modules (--module/-m)
  • Ability to add modules to an existing editor (--module/-m)
  • Ability to get and set the user's current install location
  • Added clear instructions on how to run Hub CLI with the help command

Onboarding Flow:

  • Fixed FTU so that license modal still appears when locating an existing editor
  • Fixed FTU learn microgame promotion if there are no microgames available for the installed editor


  • Fixed duplicated projects with alternating slashes in Windows
  • Added refresh to the latest list of available editors to install when there is an update
  • Improved handling of remote projects, refreshing “Source Control” label when needed
  • Added default sorting for remote projects

Download and Installs:

  • Added “Installed” label to already installed modules & removed the disabled checkbox leading to confusing UX
  • Added tooltips to content that is truncated in the download drawer
  • Added informational message when adding a module to a located editor (not supported behaviour)
  • Updated copy for download items in the download drawer (downloading to in progress)


  • Added case-insensitive project name check for Linux project creation to prevent project overwrite by the Editor on creation
  • Fixed Linux module download failures because of missing internal dependencies
  • Fixed bug reporter for CentOS


  • Under the hood updates to improve security and stability
  • UI Optimizations


Aug. 27, 2021

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed licensing issues


Aug. 26, 2021

What’s New

First time user experience

  • Introducing a newly tailored experience, helping users to install an editor and get a license if they don’t have one already


  • New option to set your default location for project creation. Default project location is used for new projects and remote projects
  • Added trailing dots to path locations in preferences


  • New “Archives” tab in the install modal, providing quick access to the archive website while working on a fully integrated archives database in Hub coming later this year


  • New option to add a project from disk without opening it

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed tray menu not being properly translated
  • Fixed tray menu not updating with license return
  • Fixed available size for external drive when selecting root folder on macOS
  • Fixed templates version resolution causing errors on launch and in the console
  • Fixed error causing the path to be invalid if it was the disk root
  • Fixed sub modules installation when Android parent module was already installed
  • Fixed data mismatches for templates
  • Stopped translating default project name as it was causing problems with non-latin characters
  • Fixed download size and size on disk for module
  • Solved issue causing Hub to go blank when choosing another editor version for a project
  • Fixed project opening from tray menu
  • Fixed tray menu not closing properly on Windows when Hub was quitting
  • Renamed Universal Windows Platform for UWP
  • Changing offline message in Community tab to be more specific
  • Fixed PlasticSCM project opening through Hub
  • Fixed installation validation on Windows preventing users to install Unity for the first time
  • Improved welcome video modal size and enabled full-screen viewing


Jul. 22, 2021

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed collab projects so extra packages are not added by default and projects are not reimported all the time
  • Repaired communications with the editor potentially leading to excessive API calls
  • On Mac, reintroduced capability for Hub to install VisualCode with additional rights that enable development workflows


Jul. 22, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing downgrade flow that prevented users from creating and adding projects when going back to v2 from v3 beta
  • On Mac, reintroduced capability for Hub to install VisualCode with additional rights that enable development workflows


Jul. 8, 2021

What’s New

User Interface

  • Hub goes dark! (The light version will be reintroduced soon)
  • Major makeover, providing a more modern feel

Web Authentication and Session Management

  • More secure and standard web sign flow, one-time sign-in/out to access Unity Hub, Dashboard and Editor through the browser

Download Management & Editor Installs

  • Introducing a brand new Download Manager with more information on progress and errors to facilitate troubleshooting, plus download details and controls
  • Clearer and more concise UI for the installation workflow


  • More options and customization for download and installation locations
  • Added the option to hide the Hub on project opening


  • Streamlined New Project Creation flow
  • More descriptive Templates and better ease of use
  • Right-click to access convenient contextual menu
  • Open Remote Projects, shared with team members


  • New card layout to showcase featured and recommended content

Known Issues & Limitations

  • CLI features around download and installation are not available for now
  • Debug mode is being revisited and not available for now. If you need that feature, keep using V2
  • Having a username or a download path with a period (dot) might cause problems during downloads
  • You're welcome to try the Linux version of Hub V3 Beta 1, but keep in mind that full Linux support is still being implemented at the time being
  • Signing in with Microsoft Edge on Windows might cause issues, setting another web browser like Chrome as default instead will solve the problem


Jul. 8, 2021

What's New

  • Add Unity Pulse link in Community Resources
  • Beta channel onboarding to facilitate V3 discovery

Bug Fixes

  • Minor correction on LTS labelling that was mistagging located or custom builds


Mar. 16, 2021

What’s New

  • Deprecating Unity Connect and replacing it with Unity Play
  • Minor UI changes to reflect 2020.3 LTS official release

Bug Fixes

  • Solving license issue that was causing errors in update dates
  • Fixing LTS badges not showing properly in the installs page


Oct 22, 2020

What’s New

  • Added dynamic icons and improved editor version compatibility for dynamic templates
  • Added Android SDK platforms version 29 (editors 2019.4 and above)
  • Added Android NDK version 21d (editors 2021 and above)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug with licensing activation on MacOS where the Serial Number is missing


Sep 29, 2020

What’s New

  • LEGO Microgame
    • Minor update to LEGO Microgame Terms of Service
    • Add missing translation
  • LTS version recommendation UI improvement

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for age gate check when license is inactive
  • Download progress bug fix: located editor version was marked as corrupt when first download attempt from hub is interrupted
  • Linux IL2CPP module installation location fix


Sep 9, 2020

What’s New

  • Dynamic templates
    • Discover new templates via the create project window
    • Download new templates for existing editors
    • Upgrade existing templates bundled with the editor
    • Age Check for LEGO Microgame
  • Support adding modules via the editor
  • Enhancements to the Learn tab
    • Toast messages replaced with more intuitive messaging
    • Missing editor warning more apparent
  • UX Improvements
    • Better handling of cloud project refresh on the projects tab
    • Dialog message for already open projects instead of a toast notification
    • Added beta feedback form link to the hub release update dropdown
    • Editor install errors handled more gracefully
    • Removed “Next Update” from licensing tab
  • CLI
    • Adding child modules support

Bug Fixes

  • Mac module for linux based editors fully supported
  • The Hub validates the editor install location on the preferences page
  • Security fix for communications with the editor


May 25, 2020

What’s New

  • Users are prompted to subscribe to the beta channel to receive beta release updates for the first time via the beta promotion pop up window.
  • New advanced tab to allow users to select the channel they want to subscribe to.
    • Beta channel - receive beta release update, can downgrade to current production version.
    • Production channel - receive official release update.
  • Hub update toast moved to header on the top-right corner.
  • Unite Now information available in the Community tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Hub appears with the Unity Hub icon in the Linux launcher bar.
  • Archive link opens install dialog with corresponding editor in Hub.
  • Project’s “Reveal in Explorer” option opens the parent directory of the project and highlights the project directory.
  • Introduced a fallback mechanism to licensing code in order to support more varied network configurations, including VPN and Plug n’ Play adapters.


Apr. 27, 2020

What's New

  • New Troubleshooting Menu. Users can now access
    • Release Notes
    • Link to Hub Documentation
    • Machine Log files
    • Bug Reporter
  • Child modules of Android build support are autoselected when the parent module is selected

New Fixes

  • For Mac Catalina OS, Hub permissions are now passed for camera and other Unity Editor related features
  • Licensing related fixes
    • Licensing no longer crashes when there is an empty serial number on macOS
    • Better detection of primary network interface, to address the MAC address issue


Mar. 3, 2020

What's New

  • macOS notarization support
  • New Community tab (beta)

New Fixes

  • Authentication for proxy server environment variables
  • Incorrect Android NDK/SDK/JDK install location on Linux
  • Incorrectly triggering multiple installations of the same editor 
  • Windows license activation errors
  • "Unity is already on the list." error on project open
  • Google sign-in


Dec. 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed how system & user environment variables are applied
  • Fixed user privileges elevation blocked by anti-virus software

Known Issues:

  • macOS Catalina: Need to manually approve the Hub app in your system Security Settings


Nov. 29, 2019

(Windows and macOS Only)

Bug fixes

  • Show the release candidates under the pre-releases in the add editor dialog


Nov. 27, 2019

(Windows and macOS Only)


  • Upgrade of Electron/Chromium/Node
  • Passing the environment variables that are changed after the hub launch
  • Notarized macOS artifacts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the license activation on Windows


Oct. 23, 2019


  • Added FPS template for the new user onboarding flow in the hub

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where login windows was getting closed
  • Fixed multiple issue related to license activation
  • Fixed the issue where the install page was empty (not fully rendered)
  • Fixed the issue with Linux diskUsage for external/mounted drives
  • Fixed the magic leap component icon
  • Fixed the localization issues in the create project window
  • Updated the hub icon
  • Fixed the issue where user could not open the project when only one non-matching editor was installed
  • Improved localization
  • Fixed the issue where the project list was empty in some race conditions


Sept 17, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue with learn content translation on the initial load
  • Fixed the issue where version dropdown in project page was hiding under the header


Sept 5, 2019


  • Option to switch language in the hub and in the new user on-boarding flow
  • Added default "current platform" to the build platform dropdown
  • Changed executable name for Linux

Bug fixes

  • Fixing the bug when missing temp folder fails the download
  • Fixed the bug where adding project was failing for Linux
  • Fixed the flickering in the mac tray menu
  • Fixed the issue where CLI was hanging when the syntax was not correct
  • Fixed the issue where the window size was growing!


Aug 7, 2019


  • Added advanced project settings where user can specify the editor CLI arguments when launching a project
  • Introducing Unity Hub CLI for the following features (Preview)

    • Installing an editor
    • Adding a module to an installed editor
    • Changing the installation path
    • Showing the installed/located editors and available editors to be downloaded
    • For testing the CLI, try the followings (notice the extra --)
      • Windows "Unity Hub.exe" -- --headless help
      • MacOS /Applications/Unity\ Hub.app/Contents/MacOS/Unity\ Hub -- --headless help
      • Linux Unity\ Hub.AppImage -- --headless help
  • New learn tab

  • Enabled maximize button and remember the position/dimension of the windows
  • Ability to remove projects
  • Ability to download the missing editor when opening a project (for projects created with Unity 2018.3+)
  • Added a link to the development dashboard for projects with collaborative service enabled
  • Fixed the issue where the username in the tray menu was not escaped
  • Fixed issue related to the uninstall-queued message
  • Fixed the issue with Facebook build support for Linux
  • Improved the copy and translations around the application

New user onboarding flow

  • Download the templates on demand (better iteration, smaller artifacts)
  • Use 2018.4 LTS as suggested editor
  • Replace Team ball template with an empty 3d template


July 17, 2019
  • Install the mono only when the hub is installing the visual studio
  • Install a proper version of Android NDK depending on the editor version


July 8, 2019
  • Separate official releases from alpha and beta ones in the add editor
  • Fallback to non-proxy when the hub failed to retrieve the proxy config


June 18, 2019
  • Fix the issue where the hub was not loading behind some proxy servers
  • Fix the issue where the UI was not properly loading when there was a timeout.
  • In the learn tab, we are using the latest stable available editor to launch the learning material.
  • In the NEW project button, we are using the last selected version to create a project with
  • In the project list, a tooltip will show up after 1sec to show the full path of the project


June 3, 2019
  • Fixed the issue with download Collab project open two save dialog
  • Fixed Platform selection ignored in some cases when open project
  • Caching the Organizations
  • Show project path directly on the project list
  • Fixed skip Editor upgrade dialog when Hub upgrade dialog not displayed
  • Change project list columns keep to right with fixed size except for title column
  • Add visual feedback to Add project


May 13, 2019

What’s new in Hub v2.0?

  • A new product UI/UX architecture enabling to deliver a better user experience
  • New features in the Project tab like Sort & Search projects and Reveal in Explorer/Finder Installs: Improved visualization on what components are installed, and Reveal in Explorer/finder Responsive UI - resize the main desktop window Native Unity Editor License Management: Direct access to license management from the Hub preferences
  • Support for Japanese, Chinese and Korean language localization

What’s fixed

  • Editor logs now included in Hub bug reporter
  • License activation error retrieve machine identifier on select Windows 10 machines
  • Users with special characters in OS username can now activate their license
  • No more frequent network checks; we will not block any action due to network connectivity and only show errors/warnings

The following features have removed/deprecated since Hub 1.6.2.

  • In the Create Project UI, the Analytics service toggle has been removed from the UI and is disabled by default.
  • In the create project, the Add Asset Package popup has been removed. The feature is still being re-evaluated whether or not to re-include in parity with Hub v1.x
  • The preferred Unity Editor is deprecated, and if an Editor version is not found, we will use the latest version available.


May 2, 2019
  • A hotfix to address the issue where the hub was sending multiple requests to Unity servers.


Apil 15, 2019
  • A hotfix for the Mac Mojave Eula Dark mode, and Windows Eula links


March 7, 2019
  • Fix the issue with the cloud projects
  • Remove projects from the list when they are removed from the file system
  • Provide user organization info to the editor
  • Fix the issue with multiple update license requests