Painting a Level

Vérifié avec version: 2017.3


Difficulté: Débutant

The 2D Game Kit uses Unity’s Tilemap feature, which is designed to help you draw out a level quickly and easily. The Kit has everything set up for you, so you can get started straight away.

Let’s start designing a level:

  • In the top menu, go to Window > Tile Palette

The Tile Palette window looks like this:

We have created two Tilesets that allow you to draw out levels. These tiles use the Scriptable Tile system of the Unity Tilemap. They automatically choose the right sprite for a platform. We have two styles of sprites: Grassy Rocks and Alien Structure.

We need to make sure the correct set of tiles is selected in Tile Palette;

  • Click the Tileset Menu
  • Click on Tileset_Gamekit
  • Pick the type of tile you like best for your level

Now let’s paint some tiles in the scene to create a level;

  • Click on a tile in the Tile Palette to select it
  • Navigate to the Scene View
  • Left-click and drag to draw your level

If you make a mistake, you can hold Shift and left-click or drag to erase Tiles.