Editing with ProBuilder

Vérifié avec version: 2018.1


Difficulté: Débutant

Your new scene will already have a square of ground that Ellen can run around on - let’s take a look at this now:

  • Navigate to the Hierarchy Window

  • Select the GameObject named Plane

This Plane has been created with ProBuilder, a tool that enables you to create and edit 3D objects in Unity. The ProBuilder Window is open as we have a ProBuilder Mesh in the scene.

If it’s not open, you can open it from the top menu;

  • Click on Tools > ProBuilder > ProBuilder Window


Greyboxing is the art of creating simple shapes, or Geometry, in a scene to outline and plan a level you want to make. In game development this is the early stages of level design where you can quickly prototype and try out ideas. ProBuilder is a great tool for Greyboxing, so let’s create a new shape in our scene:

  • Go to the ProBuilder Window

  • Click on New Shape

This will also open the Shape Tool window.

The Shape Selector dropdown allows you to create many different shapes.

For now we’ll create a Cube, which is the default shape:

  • Select Cube

  • Set the Dimensions to 3,3,3

  • Click Build Cube

You have now built a cube in the middle of the scene. Since our Plane is a little higher than the center of the cube it will be intersecting with the Plane.

You can move the Cube using the Move Tool. Click on any of the arrows in the scene view to move it where you like.

You can change the shape of the cube by using multiple tools in ProBuilder. To learn more about creating 3D models inside of Unity using ProBuilder, check out the ProBuilder101 tutorial and the documentation.

For now let’s remove this cube:

  • Select Cube in the Hierarchy Window

  • Press the Delete (Cmd + Backspace on Mac) key on your keyboard

Next we’ll move on to editing and painting our ground plane.