Opening a Door with a Command

Vérifié avec version: 2018.1


Difficulté: Débutant

In the 3D Game Kit, Game Commands send a signal to other objects in Unity telling them to perform an action.

We’ll be opening a Door using a Pressure Pad. Let’s add a Door to the scene:

  • In the Project Window, go to Prefabs > Interactables

  • Find DoorSmall and drag it into the Scene View

The Gizmos on this object can be overwhelming. They can be adjusted to reveal only the Transform tools for the object or easy placement:

  • With DoorSmall selected in the Hierarchy, Navigate to the Inspector.

  • Click on the arrow on the Simple Translator Component to collapse it

Only the Transform tool for the object will now be visible.

  • Position DoorSmall using the Transform Tools where you like.

Let’s add a Pressure Pad:

  • In the Project Window go to Prefabs > Interactables

  • Find PressurePad and click and drag it into the Scene View

  • Use the Transform Tools and place it near the door

Now let’s connect the PressurePad and DoorSmall so that the Door opens when Ellen steps on the Pressure Pad.

  • In the Hierarchy click on PressurePad to select it

  • In the Hierarchy, click and Drag DoorSmall to the Interactive Object slot in the Send on Trigger Enter Component on the PressurePad

In the Scene View there should be a white arrowed line showing a connection from PressurePad to DoorSmall.

  • Press Play

The Pressure Pad will illuminate, descend and make the door open when Ellen steps on it.