Patch 4.5.5p1

Sortie : 16. October 2014

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Nous sommes très fiers de vous annoncer la publication de Unity 4.5.5p1. Les notes de version et le lien de suivi des erreurs corrigées correspondant à cette version sont indiqués ci-dessous.

Nous vous conseillons de télécharger uniquement les patchs qui correspondent aux erreurs que vous rencontrez.


  • Rendering: Improved performance when allocating memory for large temporary objects
  • Rendering: Optimised culling of lights in a mostly deferred scene with a few forward-rendered objects.
  • Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Profiler shows managed memory usage.
  • Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Provide ArrayList.BinarySearch implementation.
  • Windows Standalone: You can now embed windows standalone player into another application, simply pass -parentHWND and windows standalone application's window will be created with specified parent. See Command line arguments documentation for more information.


  • Documentation: Styling changed to match website design, switch links between Manual and Script Reference working.
  • Windows Phone: Disabled shadows on Adreno 305 devices. This decision was made because on some devices that have Adreno 305 GPU having a scene with shadows enabled would make the scene look very dark.


  • (613378) - Android: Fixed a crash in glDrawElements() on some devices.
  • (635802) - Asset Loading: Fixed performance regression when loading scene in the Editor.
  • (627452) - Audio: Not streamed VBR audio files loaded with WWW.GetAudioClip now playback and loop correctly.
  • (636924) - dx11: RenderTexture.Create actually returns false on failure.
  • (613056) - Editor: Corrected a problem launching MonoDevelop and moving to the proper line of a script file on OSX.
  • (637695) - Editor: Fixed the error thrown when closing asset label list with escape key.
  • (none) - Editor: Reduced memory usage of streamed audio clips.
  • (622538) - GUI: Fixed vertical position of text cursor.
  • (634450) - iOS: Added support for iPhone 6 icons.
  • (509277) - iOS: Fixed a crash when a broken socket is written into.
  • (630649) - iOS: Fixed DPI estimation for newer devices.
  • (619730) - iOS: Fixed location support on iOS 8.
  • (632166) - iOS: Fixed memory leak in WWW class.
  • (635047), (634141) - iOS: Fixed second stage splashscreens on iOS8 & iPhone6.
  • (558428) - iOS: Report size of assemblies after bytecode stripping to reduce ambiguity.
  • (634276) - iOS: Work around an Xcode splash screen bug in iOS 8 landscape iPhone apps.
  • (589686) - Mac OS X Standalone player: Use old location for Application.persistentDataPath if it exists.
  • (605337), (603788) & (579002) - Physics: 2D physics colliders now correctly transform under full 3D rotation.
  • (631829) - Version Control: Fixed plugin stop when reading a recent deleted file.
  • (618381) - Version Control: Removed out-of-sync state when file is deleted on server.
  • (556954) - Version Control: Revert recursively.
  • (636917) - Video: Non Unity encoded video no longer has a duration of -1.
  • (637318) - Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Fixed an issue which caused UnityScript methods that return an IEnumerator but that do not yield throw exception on execution.
  • (636062) - Windows Phone/Windows Store Apps: Referencing generic methods in scripts no longer crashes the build.
  • (615213) - Windows Phone: Texture.ReadPixels works correctly in landscape modes.

Also included are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. If your installer doesn’t work or reports errors it is possible that your installer is incomplete.

Mac: ( Size: 1181003726 bytes; md5sum:65a8cd150b4f66d5c1e566e31a000ca8 )
PC: (Size: 1176784112 bytes; md5sum:172fa38f332bee014e5b25d734420330 )
Revision: 7c778773db1c