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Known Issues in 2017.4.39f1

  • Asset Bundles: Loading.LockPersistentManager object lock impacts performance during AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync operation (827299)

  • iOS: Apps with UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in info.plist failing to pass Apple Store validation (1160614)

  • uGUI: RectTransofrm resets it's coordinates to zero when selecting "Apply" on prefab even if no changes were made (964111)

2017.4.39f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Fixed on-screen keyboard being closed when focusing different InputField. (1180393)

  • Asset Import: Fixed issue where setting EditorCurveBinding.type to a custom component binds to "MonoBehavior" instead of the derived class. (1201584)

  • iOS: Fixed an iOS 8 player startup crash in CreateSystemRenderingSurfaceMTL.

Changeset: 947131c5be7e

Unity 2017.4.39

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