Unity 3.5.1

This release of Unity primarily contains fixes to Unity 3.5. For more information about recent features, see the Unity 3.5 Release Notes.

  • Shuriken Particle System
  • Built-in Pathfinding
  • Upgraded Occlusion Culling & new LOD
  • Google Chrome Native Client deployment
  • Linear Space Lighting and HDR
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Notes sur la version


  • PvrTexTool updated to version Textures with alpha can now be compressed in Best mode with PVRTC.
  • iOS: Added support for "retina" iPad splash screens and icons.


  • Android: Added support for AndroidJavaClass marshaling.
  • Android: Removed excessive logging when using AndroidJavaObject et al.
  • iOS: Added iOS 5.1 selected in Player Settings.
  • iOS: Added iPhoneGeneration.iPad3Gen.
  • The Unity version number is always printed to the log file.


  • Android: APK files created from Eclipse could sometimes not be read, causing the application to close immediately.
  • Android: If the Java classpath did not include the current directory ('.') the APK signing step would fail.
  • Audio: Fixed audio playback parameters being clamped incorrectly when too many audio sources are playing at the same time.
  • Editor: Fixed hang when building very large amounts of asset bundles.
  • Editor: Fixed static batching not working when loading level through Application.LoadLevel().
  • Editor: When entering play mode hide the 'default' quality settings as they are stripped for build.
  • Editor: Fixed out of memory crash while building when having many resources in resource folder.
  • Editor: Fixed rare crash when importing material with bumpmap shader but bumpmap texture was not assigned.
  • Editor: Fixed rare crash that could occur if user had changed gizmo icon on asset.
  • Editor: Fixed crash that would happen if you tried to get the asset path of the material passed to AssetPostprocessor.OnAssingMaterialModel.
  • Editor: Fixed bug where animation window would say an animation event has no receivers, when there are multiple MonoBehaviours.
  • Editor: Fixed bug where building a scene asset bundle would give incorrect error messages.
  • Editor: Fixed title of File saving dialog when building for NaCl (it incorrectly said "Unsupported Build Target").
  • Editor: Fixed editor freezing while debugging in some situations.
  • Editor: Fix for a situation where changing color in the gradient editor could change color of a previous edited colorfield. (OSX issue only)
  • Editor: Fixed shutting down the editor process when opening another or new project from within the editor. (Windows issue only)
  • Editor: Fixed crash when incorrect assembly is loaded in some rare scenarios.
  • Graphics: Fixed static batching adding extra polygons(meshes) because of extra(unused) materials on input meshes.
  • Graphics: Fixed projector culling so it only renders objects inside projector.
  • Graphics: Fixed shader compilation for shaders that used a lighting function needing view direction (e.g. BlinnPhong) and passed the 'dualforward' surface directive parameter.
  • Graphics: Removed warnings that can be safely ignored ("InsideCameraRender" and "VertexCompNone" warnings).
  • Graphics: Fixed lens flare rendering when deferred lighting with an image effect (with the ImageEffectOpaque attribute) was used and there was transparent geometry in the scene.
  • iOS: Fixed basic license splash screen issue when application is built with Xcode 4.3.x.
  • iOS: Fixed problem when logging to console via System.Console.Write* or JS/Boo print() was throwing exception on iOS 5.1 non-development devices.
  • Memory management: Reduced fragmentation in the heap allocators.
  • Memory management: Fixed race condition in realloc.
  • Mobile: Fixed random crashes with skinned meshes (Cloth in call stack). Re-enabled cloth simulation.
  • Mobiles: Fixed skinning performance regression.
  • Mobiles: Fixed performance regression with GuiTexture on Adreno devices.
  • MonoDevelop: Fixed a case where opening a newly-added script from Unity wouldn't cause the script to get focus.
  • Native Client: Fixed loading JPEG files as textures using WWW class.
  • OS X and Windows: Fixed very rare crash in SSE mesh skinning code.
  • OS X: Fixed standalone crash bug, where it would crash immediately on startup when the "Restore Windows" requester would appear after a previous crash.
  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where the player might crash when 'Autoconnect Profiler' was selected.
  • Substance: fixed colors being shuffled in the editor during the build process if "Fastest" quality mode is selected.
  • Web Player: Prevent Internet Explorer from crashing when more than one tab is used.
  • Web Player: Prevent Firefox from hanging on exit.
  • Web Player: Fixed bug where editor built incorrect data for compressed meshes in the webplayer.
  • Web Player: Make input more responsive for 2.x content.
  • Web Player: Fixed crash when assetbundle download was canceled.
  • Web Player: Fixed BeginScrollView missing method exception in 3.4 content.
  • Windows: Fixed a crash when using SkinnedCloth and switching into fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed issue where AssetBundle.Unload(false) caused lots of error messages to be printed when calling Resources.UnloadUnusesAssets () or loading a level.
  • Fixed out of memory crash when loading a corrupted .prefab file.
  • Fixed memory manager race condition.
  • Realtime only lights only affect dynamic geometry. This is the same behaviour as 3.4. Once content is published with 3.5 the fixed renderloop is used.

Upgrade guide

In Unity 3.4 realtime lights were not affecting static objects. In Unity 3.5 realtime lights always affect static and dynamic objects.

The result of this is that if you had previously setup your lighting to work around this bug, then you will now get worse performance as you will receive the lighting twice. It will also look different since your lights will be added twice to the scene.

The correct way to use these lights is to use a single auto directional light and remove the realtime only light.

If you wish to have different realtime lighting than static lighting, you should using light culling masks to affect only dynamic objects.

Upgrade Guide


Unity 3.5.1

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