Unity 5.6.6

The next public release of Unity 5.6.6 brings you a few improvements and a large number of fixes. Please read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 5.6.5 Release Notes.

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Notes sur la version


  • Linux: Improved filesystem performance to handle large cache sizes.
  • XR: Update Google VR NDK to v1.100.


  • Animation: Fixed a crash when an animator reset was triggered during a StateMachineBehaviour awake. (907324)
  • Animation: Fixed a crash when Animator instantiated from Script enters a Sub-State Machine with StateMachineBehaviour. (930814)
  • AppleTV: Removed 2x App store icon slices that cause App Store validation to fail. (972927)
  • Audio: Fixed an issue where unloading an asset bundle containing AudioClips would cause all other AssetBundle audio clips to be unloaded. (1019920 (902838)
  • Build Pipeline: Improved build pipeline performance for large builds. (None)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed scene passed to OnProcessScene when entering Play Mode is not being loaded. (943435)
  • Editor: Fixed Editor crashes in "RenderSelectionOutline" when using ImageEffectAllowedInSceneView and set camera's targetTexture to null. (966404)
  • Editor: Fixed an issue with picking objects on Windows/D3D11. (943051)
  • Editor: Fixed various UnityEditor.VersionControl.Provider APIs when used with newly created VersionControl.Assets. (905161)
  • Editor: Fixed Skinned Mesh not being removed on undo. (925835)
  • Editor: Fixed undoing the activation of a UI layout component not undoing the side effects to the children RectTransforms. (1010407)
  • Editor: Fixed errors seen in the console and log related to temp TLS allocations. (926835)(921915)
  • Editor: Added an optional Async mode for Perforce Integration (see Editor Settings) to account for high latency with a remote server. (922829)
  • Editor: Fixed RectTransform causing the scene to be constantly flagged as dirty. (1010397)(966172)
  • GI: Fixed Meta pass values when using terrain mesh with MaterialPropertyBlock and Realtime GI.u(930042) - GI: Fixed Unnecessary error message being displayed in console. (935149)
  • GI: Fixed incorrect light modes being shown when multiple lights are selected. (929875)
  • Graphics: Fixed cullmode not being reset after Deferred and Forward rendering loops. (None)
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where not all requested shader variants ending up in an asset bundle. (948053)
  • Graphics: Fixed OpenGL ES crash due to problem with cached VertexAttribArray. (989484)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in SkinnedMeshRenderer::PrepareSkinCommon when SkinnedMeshRenderer has Animator and Cloth attached. (941369)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash when opening project with BC6H texture. (971965)
  • Graphics: Fixed asserts and potential memory leaks when Skinned Mesh Renderers with the "Update When Offscreen" property enabled are not visible. (961692, 964998)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash during a visibility callback when a GameObject which was not visible is set inactive followed by setting a visible GameObject inactive. (968591)
  • Graphics: Fixed changing the projectors render queue in script not having an effect. (841236)
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where DrawMeshInstanced calls will render with inverse normals if the previous draw call used negative scaling. (956919)
  • Graphics: Fixed case when some of the cameras don't render anything because depth buffer contains garbage. (907391)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in player when using non RGBA32 format 3D textures. (927145)
  • Il2CPP: Prevented a crash on iOS which can occur when a device is awakened during a blocking socket call with a SIGPIPE signal. (957651)
  • iOS: Fixed videos started with Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie not resuming after returning to the app in some circumstances. (954593)
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where the launch image for iPhone X might not display correctly. (972995)
  • iOS: Fixed crash when opening an app via URL whilst mirroring display via Airplay. (995429)(960439)
  • iOS: Fixed black frame flickering when changing screen orientation via script. (994961) (953524)
  • iOS: Metal: Fixed MSAA corner case causing warning messages and validation error Marton Ekler. (58811)
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where fullscreen movies could no longer be dismissed with a tap on iOS 11. (940608)
  • iOS: iPhone X, fixed problem with missing keyboard Done/Cancel buttons. (979007)
  • iOS: Fixed standard shader specular highlights on mobiles. (1001377 (953606)
  • iOS: Fixed issue where Display.SetResolution silently failed during first frame. (1006820)(995079)
  • iOS: [Metal] Fixed potential GPU crash. (952284)
  • Linux: Fixed OnMouseDown not working with touch screens. (947049)
  • Multi-Display: Fixed non-primary display input for mouse events on standalone. (None)
  • OSX: Fixed changing Input Manager entries causing the player to become unresponsive. (900969)
  • Particles: Fixed console error message if deleting a Particle System whilst the Particle System Window is open. (971977)
  • Performance Reporting: Report device model field for Managed Exceptions. (980818) (980806)
  • Physics: Fixed scale not being taken into account when computing a collider's pose. (1019921)
  • Physics: Fixed memory leak when resizing BoxColliders. (969368)
  • Physics: Fixed PhysX crash when calling Physics.OverlapBoxNonAlloc on Android devices. (878407)
  • Resources: Improved Load performance in some circumstances. (980640)
  • Scene: Fixed DoImportScene crashing when importing FBX files. (1005311 (905817)
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when calling UnityEngine.Object.Instantiate on non-main thread. (992056)
  • Scripting: Fixed crash when using GitHub for Unity. (930358)
  • Scripting: Fixed Awake containing the wrong transform values when instantiated. (953068)
  • Shaders: Fixed shader compiler crash when compiling specific D3D9 shaders. (968997)
  • Shaders: Fixed an issue with the Shader Compiler which would result in GLSL based platforms not being able to compiler certain shaders. (919351)
  • Substance: Fixed a memory leak when using cloned ProceduralMaterials. (1005779)
  • Test Runner: Fixed missing category filter. (1008883)
  • UI: Fixed issue where an assigned fallback font would not be used. (911613)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed building player with IL2CPP player fails when there are plugins that are marked read-only in the project. (959795)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed .NET native compiler crash when using List or List in a serializable class. (979741)
  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter not fixing references for System.Net.Sockets.Socket when DLL where it's being referenced was compiled against .NET 3.5. (947209)
  • Video: Fixed video not playing in build when building for a different platform. (964787)(925387)
  • VR: Shaders meant to be used in VR platforms will no longer be included in builds where VR support is disabled. (961763)
  • VR: Fixed Cardboard VR failing to initialize on certain Android devices. (1011576 (991127)
  • WebGL: Added indexedDB caching mechanism for XMLHttpRequest in WebGL. (937594)
  • Windows: Fixe crash on startup in case screen width/height player preferences in registry got corrupted. (979198)
  • Windows: Fixed resolution dialog not showing monitor list and crashing on pressing 'Play' button on some weird monitor setups. (996015)
  • XR: Fixed Daydream applications hanging before quiting to Android home when calling Application.Quit. (966173)
  • XR: Fixed LoadDeviceByName causing crash on Cardboard/Daydream in 5.6.5p3. (1016356(1016356)-

Changeset: 6bac21139588

Unity 5.6.6

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