Israeli User Group - August 2020

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Welcome to the Artist Tools meetup of Israeli Unity developers.

This time we'll have an online meetup using Zoom, and we will have some time for mingling as well.

We'll start at 20:00 - link to Zoom would be available before the event.

Join us to hear Amel Negra (Creator Advocate at Unity Technologies) talk about "Power to the Artists: How Unity’s new Artist Tools Come Together in 2020".

Achieve the stunning visual effects you have always imagined without the need to code. All using only the artist tools provided within Unity. Join us to get an overview of these tools from creating shaders without code using Shader Graph to post processing for impressive effects passing by Timeline to sequence it all. This session includes a demo where we combine these tools together to create exciting visual effects while keeping it performant thanks to Universal Render Pipeline which offers you the best of both worlds across a range of platforms from mobile to high-end consoles and PCs.

Thanks Unity Technologies for arranging this meetup and all the ongoing support.

Oded and Oren



20:00 - 21:30 August 12, 2020


Online, イスラエル