Unity Developer Day Québec City 2020

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Event Update

The health and safety of Unity employees, users, their families, and the broader community is of the greatest importance to us, so we’ve made the decision to postpone the Developer Day in Quebec City until further notice. While we will try to reschedule an in-person gathering later in the year, please keep the April 25th marked in your calendar for a virtual online community event we’re planning for you. We invite you to share any suggestions about the format or content you would like to see for this event with evangelismevents@unity3d.com. We truly appreciate your continued support and hope to see you soon. Please be safe and stay tuned for our updated community event dates!


Unity Developer Day is a conference series dedicated to supporting local developers, content creators, and artists through the exchange of stories and skills that promote the creation of successful Unity games and interactive media.




10:00 - 18:00 April 25, 2020


Centre des congrès de Québec
1000 Boulevard René-Lévesque E
G1R 5T8 Québec, カナダ