Lighting Scenes

確認済のバージョン: 2018.1


難易度: Advanced

Optimizing Scene lighting is not an exact science - your process usually depends on your artistic direction. There are many parts to creating a pleasing ambiance, and it can depend heavily on the project and its unique architecture, including whether the project uses single Scenes, Multi-Scene editing, or additive loading. For this reason, this document provides many different approaches, rather than one recommended workflow. The following sections, in particular, contain good advice on this subject:

When you start a new project, apply the following settings to use multiple Scenes correctly and achieve a smooth lighting workflow:

  • Enable Auto Generate only with single Scenes (see the next section, Auto Generate and Generate Lighting ).

  • Do not mix Scenes with Auto Generate enabled and Scenes that have Auto Generate disabled.

  • Whether using Multi-Scene editing or additive loading, ensure that all Scenes used together have identical Lighting Settings, with a focus on Global Settings.

If you are interested in making great visuals in Unity, see the Making believable visuals in Unity best practice guide.