中国2億人 Xiaomi ユーザーにゲームを届ける!

China represents the fastest growing market in the world, but with over 400 different Android stores the language barrier, piracy and other security concerns, reaching that market can be a daunting task.

To remove that barrier to success, Unity has partnered with leading Chinese publisher Xiaomi to bring unprecedented access for Western developers to their very own Mi GameCenter for Android. Xiaomi will help you obtain the necessary publication license and government approvals, assist with billing and settlement, and put your games in front of their 200 million registered users.


Xiaomiはアプリストア「Xiaomi Mi Game Center」のローンチ以来、インストール数や収益の大幅な増加により、すでに数人のUnity開発者が成果を挙げる手助けをしています。

Monument Valley

Subway Surfers


Monument Valley

My Talking Tom


Monument Valley

Monument Valley


Getting started







Will Xiaomi facilitate translation for the app review process?

Does Xiaomi require me to sign a legal agreement in order to submit my app to the Mi Game Center? If so, what languages is the agreement in?

How long will it take Xiaomi to review my app after I submit it?

Can Xiaomi connect me with translation (language) or localization (cultural) services?

How many customers use the Xiaomi Game Center?

How do I get featured on the Mi Game Center?

What other Western developers have succeeded on the Mi Game Center?

Does Xiaomi offer any support for Chinese social media (e.g. Weibo, WeChat)?

What kind of games does Xiaomi look for?

Is there a Xiaomi brand page where I can find logos and branding guidelines for promoting my game?

If I have technical questions, where can I get help?

What does Xiaomi do aside from operating an app store?

If I follow the setup guide’s content guidelines, will the Chinese government approve my game?

How much does it cost to submit for government approval?

Does Xiaomi charge any additional fees for facilitating approval?

Do updates to my app (for example, DLC releases, IAP updates, bug fixes) require additional government approvals? If so, are there any fees?

Is my ISBN number associated with the developer, or do I need a separate ISBN for each new app?

What if I want to remove my app from the Mi Game Center?

How frequently will I receive revenue from my app?

How do I submit a patch or new version of my client?

What are the revenue payment terms?

申請書が提出されたら (たとえば、投稿から公開までのエンドツーエンドのタイムライン) Xiaomi は私のアプリの認定申請してから結果がでるまでどのくらいかかりますか?


Xiaomi は、私を翻訳 (言語) サービスとどのようにつなげるつもりですか? ローカリゼーション (文化的) サービスはありますか?

Xiaomi はアプリストア (ハードウェア、他) の運営以外に何をしていますか?

Xiaomi に、自身の個人アカウントマネージャーを持っていますか?それともすべてセルフサービスですか?

Xiaomi 用にどの Unity バージョンを使用すればいいですか?

When should my game make the call to log in to the StoreService?

How do I restore Products in the Xiaomi store?

How can I test my Xiaomi implementation?

How do I redirect players to my game’s review page in the Mi Game Center?

What are the technical requirements for Xiaomi integration?


ISBN( 許諾番号)はデベロッパーに関連付けられているか、新しいアプリごとに個々 ISBN の取得が求められますか?


Xiaomi はこれに追加料金を追加しますか? いくらですか?

政府の認定手続き (許諾番号ISBNの取得) はどのくらいかかりますか?

Xiaomi のアプリストアの顧客数は何名ですか?

Xiaomi はどのようなマーケティングの機会を提供できますか?

他の欧米の開発者は Xiaomi ストアで成功していますか?

Xiaomi は中国のソーシャルメディア用のサポートを提供していますか?(Weibo:ウェイボーと WeChat:ウィーチャット、他)

Xiaomi はアプリのレビューの翻訳を容易にしますか?

Xiaomi はどんな種類のゲーム(ジャンル)を探していますか?

Xiaomi アプリストアのホームページにはどのように掲載されますか?(ランキング?料金?)



税金または 通貨換 算手 数料はかかりますか?






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