Unity の新しいハイパフォーマンスなマルチスレッドシステムを先取りで使って、最新のマルチコアプロセッサをフル活用したプログラミングを体験してください。マルチコアプログラミングの難所も苦しまずに乗り越えられる作りになっています。

Rebuilding the core foundation

私たちは Unity の最もコアな部分を再構築しています。Unity は新しいハイパフォーマンスなマルチスレッドシステムの導入を進めています。このシステムを使えば、マルチコアプログラミングの難しいところで苦労することなく、開発しているゲームに最新のマルチコアプロセッサをフル活用した実装を組み込むことができます。苦労せずに素晴らしいパフォーマンスを実現できる要素を以下に挙げます。

  • The new C# Job System — which gives you a safe and easy sandbox where you can write parallel code
  • The Entity Component System (ECS) — A new model for writing high-performance code by default
  • The Burst Compiler — which produces highly-optimized native code


  • The C# Job System
  • Entity Component System (ECS)
  • Burst Compiler

The C# Job System

The new C# Job System takes advantage of multiple cores in a safe and easy way. Easy, as it’s designed to open this approach up to C# scripts and to allow users to write fast jobified code, and safe because it provides protection from some of the pitfalls of multi-threading such as race conditions.

Take advantage of multiple cores

The C# Job System exposes the Native C++ Job System allowing C# scripts to be jobified alongside Unity internal components.

A safe environment

Provides protection from some of the pitfalls of multi-threading such as race conditions.

Entity Component System (ECS)

A better approach to game design

ECS is a way of writing code that focuses on the actual problems you are solving: the data and behavior that make up your game.

In addition to being a better way of approaching game programming for design reasons, using ECS puts you in an ideal position to leverage Unity's C# Job System and Burst Compiler, letting you take full advantage of today's multicore processors.

With ECS, we are moving from the object-oriented to a data-oriented design, which means it’s easier to reuse code and easier for others to grasp and contribute to it.

Burst Compiler


A new LLVM-based math-aware backend Compiler Technology takes C# jobs and produces highly-optimized code.

The best of every platform

Optimized for the particular capabilities of the platform you’re compiling for.

Less hand-coding

Get many of the advantages of hand-tuned assembler code, across multiple platforms, without all the hard work.


Unite Austin Technical Presentation

As part of the preview release of the Entity Component System, we have worked with our friends from Nordeus to make a version of the technical presentation, we showed at Unite Austin, available.

A cut down version of the presentation is available on Github. Our focus has been to provide you with an updated version that utilizes the latest Entity Component System and to make available a functioning shader for texture driven vertex animation. This version is not graphically equivalent to the presentation that took place at Unite Austin.

You can find a walkthrough of the development of the Nordeus Demo

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