Israeli Unity Developers September 2020 Online Meetup

날짜: 20:15 - 21:45 9월 23, 2020 / 장소: Zoom, Israel

Join the next Israeli Unity meetup. Event details below! 


Welcome to the September meetup of Israeli Unity developers.

We'll host the talk using Zoom, but also be available as Facebook Live.
Join us at 20:15 on our Facebook group.

(Links will be available before the event)

About the talk (Hebrew):
Writing Better Code

Speaker - Ran Levi.
Host - Shahar Bar.

Code architecture often seems scary to new developers but it is actually a crucial step if you want your game to be scalable, testable and maintainable. In this talk we'll discuss SOLID principles in Unity, as well as common uses of Design Patterns and misuses of Anti-Patterns.

See you there,
Oded, Oren and Dor

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20:15 - 21:45 9월 23, 2020


Zoom, 이스라엘