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Unity at GDC Keynote Livestream

Monday, March 19, 6:30pm PT

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Unity at GDC Keynote, a glimpse into the future of Unity

Please join us for our annual GDC keynote for a glimpse into the future of Unity. The Unity at GDC keynote will be the first deep dive into Unity 2018 and beyond. We are thrilled to share with you our latest innovations covering artist tools, graphics, and the future of performance.The keynote will feature John Riccitiello (CEO), Danny Lange, (VP of AI & Machine Learning), Brett Bibby (VP of Engineering), Natasha Tatarchuk (Director of Global Graphics), and Joachim Ante (CTO), Lucas Meijer (Technical Director), and more.


Airing: March 19, 6:30PM PT


The keynote will be livestreamed on YouTubeFacebook Live.

The future of Unity
Democratizing Data-Oriented Design

A Six-Session Workshop tackling C#, ECS, Machine Code, and more

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Friday, March 23 | Unity Central

Scriptable Rendering Pipeline Introduction & Lightweight Rendering Pipeline

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Thursday, March 22 | Unity Central

Experience Unity Live at GDC

Won't be in San Francisco? We'll bring the excitement to you. Tune in to Unity Live at GDC, our interview style talk show hosted by Will Goldstone (Product Manager) and Liz Mercuri (Technical Evangelist). Catch a glimpse of all the latest announcements and news in the Unity ecosystem, featuring special guests and industry leaders.


Airing: March 20 - 22, 9AM PT

행사 지도

Unity Central

Unity Technologies | 30 3rd St, San Francisco

Unity 믹스

Moscone South | 747 Howard St, San Francisco, Esplanade, Room 151

Unity 라운지

Hotel Zetta | 55 5th St, San Francisco

유니티 기조 연설 및 파티

The Village | 969 Market St, San Francisco

교육 오찬 | Biz Dev 해피 아워

InterContinental | 888 Howard St, San Francisco

블루 구역 내 도보 거리는 10-15분 정도 소요

Unity Central

위치: 30 3rd Street., Unity Headquarters

유니티의 샌프란시스코 지사에서 펼쳐지는 행사에 참여하여 Unity를 개발하고 있는 사람들로부터 Unity의 최신 기술과 방향에 대해 직접 들어보세요. 100개가 넘는 세션 중에서 원하는 세션에 모두 등록하세요(3월 1일 예정).

Unity 믹스

위치: Moscone South, Room 151

This is the perfect spot to stop by and get to know others in the community, ask the expert Unity technologists about the latest features or meet the Education team and learn more about are Learning and Training programs. Come gather and connect with other developers, as well as Unity staff. Select sessions from Unity Central will also be streamed to this location.

Unity 라운지

위치: 55 5th St., Hotel Zetta

잠시 들러서 동료 유니티 개발자들을 만나고 Unity로 만든 최신 게임을 몇몇 살펴보고 쉬어가세요. Unity 라운지는 다른 개발자들과 함께 술 한 잔을 즐기면서 편안한 시간을 보내기에 좋은 곳입니다.

Unity at GDC Party

Wednesday, March 21

It wouldn't be a proper GDC without a Unity Party, so buckle up! We have taken over The Village at 969 Market Street and promise an unforgettable night of friends, music and fun. Join Unity staff and fellow Unity developers as we celebrate another amazing year of creation.

The party will feature an open bar, some small bites and a special guest VR DJ performance by Electronauts! Doors open at 8:00pm with fun being had until 1:00am.

Enter your name here to be entered for your chance to win a spot. Winners will be contacted on March 12th with details to claim their ticket!

Unity Connect Career Mixer

Wednesday, March 21

During GDC, professional game developers from across the world gather in San Francisco each year to share, to learn, and to connect.

In addition to a social mixer, connect with other industry professionals and meet hiring managers and recruiters from some exciting companies.

초대에 응답

See the winners of the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge

We are excited to have partnered with GDC to curate and host a 3D Art Challenge for games using Unity. The winning entries will be showcased in a special area in the lobby of Moscone West which will be open to all GDC passholders and will be open March 19-23. All entries are playable, stop by and check them out!

Made With Unity award nominees at GDC

Congratulations to the following Unity Developers for their nominations at IGF 어워즈 and the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Best Audio

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Best Debut

Hollow Knight by Team Cherry

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Gorogoa by Jason Roberts

Innovation Award

Gorogoa by Jason Roberts

Everything by David OReilly

Best Mobile Game

Reigns: Her Majesty by Nerial

Hidden Folks by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg

Monument Valley 2 by ustwo games

Gorogoa by Jason Roberts / Buried Signal

Best Narrative

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Best Visual Art

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Best VR/AR Game

Superhot VR by SUPERHOT Team

Star Trek: Bridge Crew by Red Storm Entertainment / Ubisoft

Seamus McNally Grand Prize

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy by Bennett Foddy

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

West of Loathing by Asymmetric Publications

Excellence in Visual Art

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Luna by Funomena

The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents

Excellence in Audio

Cuphead by StudioMDHR

Vignettes by Skeleton Business

Excellence in Design

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy by Bennett Foddy

Excellence in Narrative

Tacoma by Fullbright

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine by Dim Bulb Games

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall

Nuovo Award

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy by Bennett Foddy

A Mortician's Tale by Laundry Bear Games

Best Student Game

We Were Here by Total Mayhem Games

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