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Unity Labs

The mission of Unity Labs is to explore how game authoring, AI, deep learning, computer visualization, VR, AR and storytelling will evolve in the next decade to radically transform how games will be created and played.

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Behind the scenes at Unity Labs

Unity Labs creates prototypes, releases new technologies, publishes scientific papers, gives talks, and works with academia and partners on advanced research. We celebrate moonshot ideas: every project and prototype brings us closer to what Unity will become.

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Projects and articles

Research papers

Downloads and videos

Unity Labs has a variety of projects and concepts available for download to build on, try out, use in projects, or inspire.

Concept: AR cereal box game

Research related collaborations and partnerships

Unity Labs works with everyone from academic institutions to commercial studios and indie developers at various stages of research. If you’re working on high-impact innovative research, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help each other.

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