Scene Teleportation

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Teleporting within a Scene

To teleport the player within a Scene, we need to set up a transition. For this, we’re going to make two prefabs:

  • TransitionStart

  • TransitionEnd

First we need to setup the starting point of the transition:

  • In the Project window, go to Prefabs > SceneControl

  • Find the TransitionStart Prefab

  • Drag TransitionStart to the Scene View.

  • Place it at a position where the player will touch the Collider (the green box) when walking. In the example below, we’ve placed it on the other side of the door:

To set up the destination;

  • Drag another TransitionStart Prefab from the SceneControl folder into the Scene View

In the Inspector,

  • Rename it to TransitionEnd:

Now let’s link the two together:

In the Hierarchy, select the TransitionStart GameObject

In the Inspector, find the TransitionPoint Component

Drag the Ellen GameObject from the Hierarchy into the ** Transition Point** Component’s Transitioning Game Object field

Set Transition Type to Same Scene

This ensures that Ellen is the only object teleported, and that she is teleported within the same Scene.

Now let’s set the destination:

  • Drag the TransitionEnd GameObject into the TransitionPoint Component’s DestinationTransform slot.

  • Set Transition When to On Trigger Enter

On Trigger Enter means that the Transition only activates when the player enters the Collider and not on a key press. If you’d rather teleport only when the player presses the interact key (E), set Transition When to Interact Pressed.

Teleporting to Another Scene

To make the player transition to a new Scene, we need two prefabs:

TransitionStart is the same prefab we used in the previous section; it "sends" the player to the destination. It contains a Transition Start Component, which defines all the properties for where the teleportation starts, and where the teleportation should take the player. Place this prefab where you want the transition to start.

TransitionDestination is a prefab which "receives" the player. It contains a Transition Destination Component. Place this prefab in a different Scene, where you want the transition to finish.

See the Component Reference Guide contained within the 3D Game kit asset package for full details of these two components.

Setting up TransitionDestination

Let’s set up the destination first, so that we have all the information we need later when we set up the start point. To add a transition to a Scene, open that Scene, navigate to the Project window, and go to Prefabs > SceneControl > TransitionDestination. Place it in your Scene, in the location you want the teleporter to lead to.

The TransitionDestinaton prefab contains a Scene Transition Destination Component:

  • First, set the Destination Tag to a letter.

It doesn’t really matter which letter, as long as it is the only Scene Transition Destination Component in this Scene with that letter.

Next, tell it which GameObject it should expect to receive. Drag the player GameObject (Ellen) from the Hierarchy window to the Transitioning Game Object slot.

Finally, make sure your destination Scene is in your Editor’s Build Settings.

  • To do this, go to File > Build Settings and click Add Open Scenes.

Setting up TransitionStart

These settings are mostly the same as they were in the previous section, with a few changes:

  • Set Transition Type to Different Zone

  • Set New Scene Name to the Scene you want to send it to.

  • Set Transition Destination Tag to the Destination Tag letter you set in the Transition Destination Component.

  • Press Play, and walk to where the transition is. You should travel all the way to the start of Zone1!