Introduction to Custom Segments

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Suppose your game recently launched but you wanted to better understand if you should localize your game to your Asian markets. How could you test this? You could build Asian country segments and determine how big your player population from those countries are. Furthermore, you could look at the different Asian countries and determine if any country had a large group of Whales! By using custom segments, you'd then want to localize your game for the Asian country with the highest percentage of Whales.

Segments are groups of players (users) who embody a particular trait or have completed a specific action within a specific period of time. You can segment by geography, monetization, age, etc to create for example, Japanese Whales, New Android Users which spend more than $5. Segments allow you to analyze how different groups of users vary in their usage and behavior. Ultimately this can help you provide highly targeted and relevant content to users. Continuing with the example segment above, you may want to send a special promotion to purchase weapons at a discounted rate so they increase their attack power.

The key to segmentation is to identify the user behavior that is valuable or that you want to change. By understanding this, you can determine which segments are in most need of attention. Studying segments leads to more insights on the different groups of players. By understanding the differences among your players you can better understand why some folks are delighted by your game, while others are frustrated.

Which Kind of Segments Can I Create?

In addition to utilizing any of the standard Unity Analytics segments, using the Segment Builder you can create segments combining any of the following user or behavioral attributes. Mix and match to build segments that fit your exact needs. Our standard segments, include:

  • Behavioral: Engagement, session length, session frequency
  • Lifecycle: Number of days since first session
  • Demographic: Age, gender, geography, platform



1. When will my custom segment be available?
It will take up to 4 hours for data to populate.

2. Are segments mutually exclusive?
The standard segments (monetization, life-cycle, geography, demographic, and iOS/Android platform) are mutually exclusive (so a player can’t be a Whale and Dolphin). However, using segment builder you can create segments that are not mutually exclusive.

3. What are examples of custom segments I can create?

  • Platform segments: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows, Windows 8.1, Mac, and Linux. iOS and Android are included in our standard segments (ie: Linux Turkish Males, 18-21, who played at least 3 sessions today)
  • Attribution source: create custom segments for traffic from social media networks, ad campaigns and other channels of traffic to see which drive the best traffic. You would need to setup custom events. The event could be "install" and that "source" would be the parameter.
  • Non-Monetized users: target non-paying users to offer special promotions