Your First Cloud Build Project

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By the end of this lesson, you will have a Unity Cloud Build project that will automatically compile and notify you when you commit to you code repository.

To get started, you’ll need the following.

  1. A source control repository. Unity Cloud Build supports Git, Subversion, Mercurial, and Perforce. See lesson 1.
  2. A Unity Cloud Build account.

1. Create a Project

Go to and sign in with your Unity Developer Account. You will be brought to the Cloud Build home page


On the Cloud Build home page, click on “Add New”. Cloud Build will ask you to pick a name for your project, as well as the organization it will belong to.


  • Organization: Click on the Drop Down menu and select your user name.
  • Project Name: Any

2. Connect your Unity Cloud Build Project to your Remote Repository

After providing the repo URL, Click Next:


3. Configure access rights

If your repo is private Cloud Build will ask you to add an SSH key so that we can access your files and build them (if it is public you will automatically skip to the next step). If you created a BitBucket Repo using the previous lesson, you will need to attach the SSH key provided by Unity Cloud Build to your BitBucket Repo. Not doing this will result in a failed build attempt. Log into Bitbucket and add the Cloud Build SSH key to your Bitbucket account.

If you used the sample project from the previous step, you will not be asked to configure access rights; the project is Public.


Copy the SSH key provided by Cloud Build

Associate the SSH key provided by Cloud Build to your repo. If continuing from Lesson 2, you will add the SSH key to your BitBucket repo.

When you have finished configuring your repo, click Next to configure settings

4. Configure your Unity Cloud Build project

You’ll be asked to choose a platform. For this lesson, select Web Player.


You’ll be asked to provide further configuration details. You will need to select a branch from your repo to build from. If you are using the Bitbucket repo from Lesson 2, select “master”.


5. Build!

Click “Next” and Unity Cloud Build will automatically begin compiling.


You will automatically be notified when the build process has been complete.