Introduction to VR Best Practice

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As achieving the target frame rate for your chosen platform is an essential part of ensuring users have a great, nausea-free VR experience, optimization is a critical part of VR development. Unlike some other platforms, it’s best to optimize early and often with VR, rather than leaving it to a later stage in development. Testing regularly on the target devices is also essential.

VR is computationally expensive compared to non-VR projects, mainly due to having to render everything once per-eye, so make sure you’re familiar with some of the common issues when creating your VR experience. If you’re aware of these issues beforehand, you can design your project around them, saving a lot of hard work later on in your project lifecycle.

Mobile VR can be particularly demanding. Not only do you have the overhead of running a VR application, but mobile devices are a fraction as powerful as a desktop PC, so optimization will be of critical importance in your project.

All Unity best practices for performance carry over to VR. See these Unity guides for more suggestions on how to optimize your project: