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Create Augmented Reality experiences in Unity

With a large range of supported phones, tablets and Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses, you can use Vuforia Engine and Unity reach the broadest possible audience with the best technology. See why more than half a million developers are using Vuforia Engine by signing up for our Developer Community, and start creating unique AR content in Unity now.

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Attach digital content to physical objects

Vuforia 기능 자세히 알아보기

모델 타겟(Model Targets)

Model Targets allow you to recognize objects using pre-existing 3D models. Place AR content on items like industrial equipment, vehicles, toys and home appliances.

Image Targets

Image Targets are the easiest way to put AR content on flat objects, such as magazine pages, trading cards and photographs.

Multi Targets

Multi Targets are for objects with flat surfaces and multiple sides, or those that contain multiple images. Product packaging, posters and murals all make great Multi Targets.

Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets enable you to place AR content on objects with cylindrical and conical shapes. Soda cans, bottles and tubes with printed designs are great candidates for Cylinder Targets.

Object Targets

Object Targets are created by scanning an object. They are a good option for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape.


VuMarks allow you to identify and add content to a series of objects. They’re a great way to add information and content to product lines, inventory and machinery.

Expand Your AR Experiences

(New) External Camera

External Camera provides developers with the ability to gain a new perspective when creating AR experiences. By using video frames from a camera outside of your device, like a webcam, Vuforia Engine can add a first-person view perfect for games, toys or industrial machines. Learn more about External Camera and Vuforia Engine 7.5.

그라운드 플레인(Ground Plane)

Ground Plane allows digital content to be placed on a horizontal surface, such as a floor or table. Ground Plane supports Android, iOS and UWP devices taking advantage of underlying OS enablers, such as ARKit and ARCore when available. See the complete list of supported devices.

지금 시작하기

It’s easy to start creating AR content using Vuforia Engine.

  1. Install Vuforia Engine with the Unity Editor.
  2. Create a new project and activate Vuforia Engine.
  3. Import the Vuforia Engine Core Samples.
  4. 여러분의 콘텐츠로 커스터마이즈합니다.

It's that simple.

Made with Unity & Vuforia

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A broad range of devices and platforms

개발 툴

Vuforia Engine can be used with the leading development tools, including Unity, Xcode, Android Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Vuforia Engine supports a wide range of leading phones, tablets and digital eyewear, including Microsoft HoloLens, ODG R7 and Vuzix M300.

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