Unity 2018.2.20

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  • Android: Fixed Texture2DArray and Texture3D not checking if the filtering mode is supported by the GPU and downgrade when necessary. (963073)

  • Animation: Fixed copy/paste and drag&drop of multiple sprite selection in the animation window introducing delays in later frames. (1089466, 1089743)

  • GI: Fixed an issue were hashing didn't capture a change of scenes. (1094637)

  • Graphics: Fixed SkinnedMeshRenderer without an Animator component leaking memory. (1086418)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash when using StructLayout attribute and specifying a Pack value. (1099207)

  • Scripting: Fixed passing of arguments to the script compiler not using dashes instead of slashes.

Revision: cef3e6c0c622

체인지셋: cef3e6c0c622

Unity 2018.2.20

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