Unity 4.5.4

The Unity 4.5.4 release brings you some new features and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.5 Release Notes.

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  • Android: Added the ability to deploy and run games on Android TV.


  • Graphics: Added Texture2D.EncodeToJPG with JPG quality argument.
  • Graphics: Added Visible in Background option to windowed fullscreen.
  • Linux: Stop force-disabling sync to vblank when a compositing window manager is detected.
  • Physics 2D: All 2D physics components now perform faster GetComponent<> lookups.
  • Terrain: Added an option to preload all detail patches and keep them loaded in memory. Set via the Terrain settings and with the "collectDetailPatches" property. Can reduce hiccups when navigating a Terrain.
  • Terrain: Improved tree culling performance.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Slightly improved performance in master builds.


  • 2D: Fixed sprite importing regression which caused sprite references to be lost on texture rename.
  • Android: Fixed application hanging and crashing when trying to close the IME with the back button.
  • Android: Fixed game starting not full screen if the orientation is not set to Auto Rotation.
  • Android: Fixed mouse input for interacting with standard GUI.
  • Asset Import: Fixed crash when plugin DLL calls AssetDatabase.Refresh in type initializer.
  • Editor & Webplayer: Fixed crash when loading some meshes imported with Unity 3.5.
  • Editor: Fixed "ArgumentException: Invalid path" error that might occur with some custom windows.
  • Editor: Fixed an issue whereby text went out of the TextArea in custom editor when return was pressed or multi line text was pasted.
  • Editor: Fixed Asset Store window showing up blank in DirectX 11 mode on some Intel graphics cards.
  • Editor: Fixed Hierarchy NullReferenceException happening when dragging an item over another item that is not a parent.
  • Editor: Fixed inspector rendering when having more than one missing script on a GameObject.
  • Editor: Fixed launch of Visual Studio for script editing, added additional logging to the editor log to troubleshoot future problems.
  • Editor: Fixed that a hidden Hierarchy window did not refresh when changing scenes.
  • Editor: Fixed that the icon for Alphabetical Sorting in the Hierarchy toolbar did not show when selected.
  • Editor: Fixed that when searching in the Hierarchy clicking on a search result item and then on "x" button did not reveal it.
  • Editor: Multiple events in the animation window can be dragged.
  • Editor: SpritePacker will not crash packing sprites generated from textures with certain OnPostprocessTexture scripts.
  • Editor/iOS: Large memory samples in profiler now work. Fix for the error "Buffer is not large enough for the message."
  • Graphics: Fixed Shader Material Keyword changes not applying to Materials on objects in the scene.
  • Graphics: Fixed skinned meshes sometimes not rendering in player builds when Read/Write Enabled import option is disabled.
  • Graphics: Fixed stencil modes only affecting front facing geometry when shader has Cull Off.
  • Graphics: Fixed textures in material property blocks (e.g. sprites) sometimes messing up other textures in the material on OpenGL.
  • Graphics: Fixed "allocation 0x00000000 already registered" error messages.
  • Graphics: Work around crash when trying to read invalid shader properties.
  • IMGUI: OnMouseExit not called when mouse is moved from a collider to IMGUI element that is occluding it.
  • iOS: Fixed crash occurring when using webcam texture whilst privacy settings deny access to the camera.
  • iOS: Fixed handling of resolution preset in Player Settings.
  • iOS: Fixed startup orientation handling on iOS 8.
  • iOS: Support files with multiple fonts when building font metadata.
  • iOS: Update and render additional frame after app suspension. Allows customising paused app's thumbnail.
  • Linux: Fixed text entry when pressing enter/return.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed a bug where certain third party mice would cause the editor or players to take a very long time to start up.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed full screen rendering at less than native resolution.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed duplicate input events being sent in OS X standalone player.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when opening a project with Free License where Animator Layer Sync has been turned on by a Pro License user.
  • Mecanim: Fixed bug where Animator.StartRecording would prevent Animator.Play from playing animations.
  • OpenGL ES2: Fixed shader depth state handling.
  • Physics 2D: 2D colliders marked as triggers now don't affect center of mass or inertia calculations.
  • Physics 2D: Allow the change of Z transform position only, without disturbing Rigidbody2D interpolation.
  • Physics 2D: Rigidbody2D without colliders now has default inertia and center of gravity.
  • Physics 2D: Stop memory leak when assigning vertex array to PolygonCollider2D.points with invalid geometry.
  • Scripting: Fixed ARM thunk creation in dynamic methods on AOT platforms.
  • Scripting: Fixed occasional crash when switching between scenes.
  • Scripting: Fixed potential crashes during breakpoint and single stepping in debugger.
  • Scripting: Fixed the debugger causing waits to be interrupted.
  • Shaders: VFACE pixel shader input semantic works now. Previously was not quite working on D3D9.
  • Substance: Fixed crash when loading a scene with an object that has a script with a ProceduralMaterial assigned to a Material property.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Fixed an issue which caused shader depth bias being applied to the wrong direction on old WP 8.0 OS builds.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Unity no longer prevents build even if it finds code that will potentially crash during runtime.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Fixed Unity player not pausing when a phone call is incoming.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Input.inputString now works properly.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed crash on application exit when location was enabled.
  • Windows Phone: Unity no longer generates empty files that cause XAP deployment failures.
  • Windows Store / Phone: Fixed an issue which caused Unity player to crash sometimes when loading a DLL not built for WinRT.
  • Windows Store / Phone: Unity will produce full PDB files for scripts even in non-development builds.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed exceptions which occur when trying to use reflection.


Unity 4.5.4

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