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Unity Labs collaborates with students, labs, and departments on high impact scientific research at all stages of research related to advancing the next generation of realtime engines.

The Global Academic Scientific Unity program

The Global Academic Scientific Unity Program is an innovative academia-industrial collaborations model that aims to foster deep collaborations, and streamline them. The program facilitates partnerships at various stages of the research in diverse disciplines including and not limited to interactive computing, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, XR, neuroscience, and blockchain.

Seeking expressions of interest for 2018.

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Unity Labs Global Research Fellowship program

The fellowship program is intended to boost global knowledge and innovation in the field of games, and advance the career or research of students interested in pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art technology in games. The 2017 fellowship was focused on how machine learning is changing game development.

Please email if you are interested in being notified when the fellowship reopens for 2018.

Upcoming summits and conferences

Unity Labs is currently extending invitations to participate in our 2018 Smart Assets and Blockchain in Games summits. If you are a faculty or researcher interested in participating, please email

What exciting innovations are happening in Unity Labs?

In addition to our collaborative efforts, we’re also currently exploring virtual humans, ML content creation, simulations, authoring XR content, and more, in our own lab space.

Find out more about how our technology is contributing to progress in the various fields, including but not limited to game and film entertainment, autonomous cars, and healthcare.

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