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Augmented reality is within your reach. Advance your career by building your skills in this rapidly growing immersive technology space. In this month-long, online course you’ll learn AR fundamentals and build and publish an app for iOS. Enroll now and start making AR!

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Everything you need to start building AR applications

In this one-month nanodegree foundations program, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of visual inertial odometry, and discover the underlying computer vision mechanisms that enable ARKit
  • Build a variety of ARKit applications that allow virtual objects to be placed on the ground, on tables, or other horizontal flat surfaces
  • Learn to add dynamic lighting effects that change the color, direction, temperature, and intensity of ambient lighting
  • Add basic shadow effects to the scene
  • Master the skills to “sell” the illusion of a synthetic object set in a real-life scene, in real time

Time to complete: One month

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The Learn ARKit nanodegree foundations program will get you ready for a career in AR.

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