Registering the Player prefab

Checked with version: 5.3


Difficulty: Intermediate

Once the Player prefab has been created, it must be registered with the Networking system.

The Network Manager will use this prefab to spawn new Player GameObjects into the scene, but the Player prefab needs to be registered with the Network Manager as the prefab to spawn for the player.

  • Select the Network Manager GameObject in the Hierarchy Window.
  • With the Network Manager selected,
  • ... open the Spawn Info foldout in the Inspector for the NetworkManager.
  • Drag the Player prefab into the Player Prefab field.


The NetworkManager component is used to manage the spawning of networked objects, including the player. As most games have a single, identical prefab to represent any player in the game, the NetworkManager has a slot specifically for a player prefab. A new GameObject representing the player will be created when each player's Client that joins the Host. For more information, please see the page on the NetworkManager.

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