Unity Tips & Tricks 4

Checked with version: 5


Difficulty: Beginner

In this session, we will present an assortment of tips and tricks to use while working with Unity. These tips and tricks could make our experience in Unity better, faster, stronger or they could just keep us amused. We could simply be reminded of the obvious or we could be presented with something we've never heard of, thought of or imagined. Like entering a flea market or wild bazaar, we will hunt around and try to find something for everyone, even if everything we present isn't useful to all. Tutor: Adam Buckner

Unity Tips & Tricks 4

Beginner Interface & Essentials

In this specific session we covered Mathf, including Lerp, MoveTowards, Perlin Noise, followed by aligning GameObjects, including Vertex and Surface Snapping and more, with an open Q&A session at the end.

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