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Earn your VR credentials and get ready for a job in VR

The VR Developer Nanodegree program offers a complete path to expertise and career-readiness. This in-depth program will take you from the foundations of virtual reality development principles to the advanced skills needed to create convincing VR experiences.

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Learn to create world-class VR content

The VR Developer Nanodegree was created in partnership with Udacity, the online learning company known for creating world-class curricula in areas such as virtual reality, AI, and self-driving cars. In this program, you will learn:

  • The foundations of VR programming and scene creation, including tracking techniques, history, 3D scene creation, materials, textures, C# programming, control structures, events, the entity-component model, procedural animation, and shader programming
  • VR design principles and industry applications, including ergonomics, personas, viewing angles, GUIs, locomotion, sketching and prototyping, user testing, spatialized audio, presenting your work, emerging technologies, and industry applications
  • To understand the graphics pipeline, performance analysis, and optimization
  • Techniques for 360 pre-production and post-production and build an interactive 360 video experience in Unity
  • Skills for mobile phone-based VR and Desktop VR, game engines, VR design and user interaction, 360 video and spatial sound, performance and ergonomics, and VR platforms

Join at the level that’s right for you.

The complete, three-term program runs six months. Depending on your skill level and experience, you’ll select your own starting point as either Term 1 or Term 2. In Term 3, you’ll choose a specialization and create a capstone project.

  • Term 1: Foundations
  • Term 2: Essentials
  • Term 3: Specializations

Term 1: Foundations

Intro to VR

Gain a fundamental understanding of VR technology principles by building a dynamic VR app that offers a comfortable experience for users. Learn about 3D transforms and materials, and practice with animations, cameras, and lighting. Learn to use C# in Unity to make the experience more responsive with programming constructs like methods, loops, variables, and events.

What’s covered:

  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • VR Scenes & Objects
  • VR Software Development

Prerequisite: No programming experience is required.

Time to complete term 1: Two months

Price: US $400/term

Enroll in three-term program

Term 2: Essentials

Best practices in the profession

Build a solid understanding of VR best practices in ergonomics, user testing, and interface design. Hear from industry professionals about VR trends and technology. Begin focusing on the area of specialization you’ll pursue in Term 3.

What’s covered:

  • VR Design
  • VR Platforms and Applications

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Unity as a game developer or digital storyteller.

Time to complete term 2: Two months

Price: US $400/term

Enroll in three-term program

Term 3: Specializations

Create a resume-ready project

Apply your VR knowledge to create a capstone project that demonstrates your specialized skills in Mobile Performance & 360 Media or High-Immersion Unity. And get ready for a job in VR!

Choose a Specialization:

Mobile Performance & 360 Media

  • Performance optimization for mobile VR, from heat issues to analyzing algorithms
  • 360 film shoots, video stitching, audio capture
  • Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Unity interactions, effects, and controls

High-Immersion Unity

  • Vive and Oculus development fundamentals
  • Using SteamVR for locomotion and hand physics
  • Maximize performance for desktop

Prerequisite: Term 2: Essentials

Time to complete term 3: Two months

Price: US $400/term

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Advance your career in VR

Earn your nanodegree credential and affirm your job-readiness as a cutting-edge VR Developer!

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