Rewarded Inventory Policy

Last updated: September 20, 2017

Publishers must comply with all of the following:

  • Publishers may not encourage End-Users to take any action in connection with an Ad with offers of cash, prizes, incentives, gift cards, goods, services, vouchers or anything of value (except for Rewarded Offers that are in compliance with this Rewarded Inventory Policy).
  • Publishers may not encourage End-Users to take any action using language that any Ad engagement will help the Publisher or any other party directly (e.g., such as “support us” or similar language).
  • Publishers are solely responsible for all Rewarded Offers and must fulfill the terms of each Rewarded Offer.
  • A Rewarded Offer may only be fulfilled after an End-User affirmatively opts in and completes the required task for the relevant Rewarded Offer.  Rewards must be redeemable from the App in which the Rewarded Offer was made.
  • Publishers may not offer a reward that cannot be redeemed, offer a “chance” for a reward (e.g., click this ad for a chance to win 10 extra points) or fail to deliver the promised reward upon completion of the required task.
  • Publishers making Rewarded Offers must clearly disclose the required action for the reward (e.g., view this ad and receive 10 extra points).





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