Unity Networking Servers

This is where you can download the latest source code for the Unity builtin networking servers. The current version is 2.0.1f1 (Unity 3.x compatible):

  • For use with the MasterServer.* API.
  • Required for doing NAT punchthrough, both parties must be connected to the same Facilitator.
  • Required for performing connection tests, it needs to be hosted on a server with 4 unique IP addresses.
  • Used for proxing traffic from clients to servers they otherwise could not connect to, be aware that this adds a lot of latency to the traffic.

For more information see the Master Server Build manual page.

Older versions

The latest servers cannot communicate with Unity 2.x. The source code for the old (2.x compatible) Master Server bundled with the Facilitator is available here.

The source code for the 2.x compatible connection tester can be downloaded here.