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With Unity, it’s easy

Making a polished 2D game with the Unity game engine is remarkably easy. You don’t need to be a professional programmer or game designer, nor do you need years of industry experience. You don’t even need any money.

All you need is a little knowledge of JavaScript, C# or Boo and the enthusiasm to take the industry-leading Unity engine for a ride, and you’ll find your ideas will spring to life in no time. Download the fully-functional free version of Unity now, and you can get started today.

Download Unity for free

Everybody loves Unity

With an incredible one million registered developers added in the last year alone, Unity is probably the most widely used and successful game development tool currently available. A thriving, passionate community all over the world have used it to make an amazing variety of highly successful 2D games such as Rovio’s smash hit, Bad Piggies.

No experience necessary

If this is your first time at making a game, you can use our ever-expanding library of free step by step introductory tutorials to help you get started. And, once you’ve mastered the essentials of game development with the GUI-based Unity engine and you’re ready to realize your vision, you’ll find there’s a massive community of Unity enthusiasts on our forums who are happy to help and eager to collaborate on your project.

There’s a whole ecosystem behind this that we can bank on.

Jaakko Haapasalo, Creator of Bad Piggies

Download Unity for free

You get the latest 2D tools

We’ve recently introduced a new 2D mode to the Unity editor so now it’s even easier for you to make successful 2D games. Import sprites, populate your scenes, add physics or animate with our in-editor tools. Then, when your game’s ready, the incredibly feature-rich free version of our software can deploy it to the Web, to desktop or to any or all of the four major mobile ecosystems.

  • Save time with automatic sprite splicing
  • Iterate on your ideas more quickly with our newly upgraded animation window
  • Generate animations automatically from multiple sprites
  • Benefit from a fully-integrated dedicated 2D physics system with rigidbodies, joints and customizable colliders
  • Mix 2D and 3D with ease

You get the best tech

Of course you won’t just benefit from the latest 2D tools. There are a number of fundamental features that are key to the Unity engine’s extraordinary and rapidly growing popularity:

Unity is the only major engine built explicitly to allow small teams and individuals to make high-quality games

Build once deploy anywhere – publishing your game to one of the nine platforms currently supported by Unity is near seamless

All the ready-made high-quality art assets, scripts, audio files, animations and textures you could ever possibly need available on the Unity Asset Store

An asset pipeline with unparalleled support for industry standards

Preview and play your build as you edit for rapid and creative iteration

Pared-back, intuitive workflows keep your game development moving swiftly along

And it’s free

If your organisation’s annual turnover is less than USD100,000, you can download and keep the free version of our software, use it to develop your content and publish a commercial product to the Web, desktop, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 or Blackberry 10 without it ever costing you a dime.

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