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OctaneRender® for Unity

OctaneRender® lets you harness physically-based rendering directly in Unity. Creators now have access to enhanced OctaneRender materials and lighting for cinematic-quality rendering. OctaneRender Recorder for Play Mode allows you to record animations and sequences from Timeline and Cinemachine. Compose gorgeous, film-quality scenes and sequences with this complete storytelling toolkit.

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Create bold experiences

Starting with Unity 2017.1, you can take advantage of OctaneRender’s GPU-accelerated, unbiased path-traced rendering directly from the Editor. Complex materials and multiple camera types like panoramic, 360, and turntable cameras will expand what you can do in Unity today.

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About OctaneRender®

OctaneRender® is the world's first and fastest GPU-accelerated, physically-based renderer. It supports 25+ digital content creation tools, from Maya to Cinema 4D and Houdini. OctaneRender Studio and Creator for Unity both come with a selection of plugins that you can rotate monthly. OctaneRender broadens Unity's cinematic rendering capabilities by introducing physics-based rendering into Unity.

OctaneRender for Unity brings photorealistic cinematic rendering directly into the Unity Editor:

  • Speed: GPU-accelerated batch rendering
  • Quality: unbiased and physically accurate
  • Flexibility: plugin support for 25+ digital content creation tools
  • Path-Tracing: path-traced rendering for high resolution VR and AR
  • Dynamic Viewport: integrated into Timeline for real-time 3D editing
  • OctaneRender Materials: custom materials available in-engine
  • Compositing Toolset: separate renders into multiple layers and passes for compositing
  • OctaneRender Imager: in-render color correction
  • Post Processor: in-render 2D FX enhancements
  • Integrated Stereo Rendering Options: panoramic, side-by-side, anaglyphic, over-under

Key features

OctaneRender Recorder

Record animations and sequences from Timeline as either a movie file, or an ORBX package that can be rendered through OctaneRender Cloud® (ORC) at the Studio and Creator levels with the selection of ORC™.

PBR Viewport

See the quality of cinematic output you will get with the final render dynamically as you update the scene.

Node Editor

Access VFX-quality shading and lighting in Unity with OctaneRender’s visual node-based workflow.

OctaneRender Materials

Replace Unity shaders with custom shaders to step up scene quality immediately.

Path-Traced Lighting

Create stunning scenes with physically-based lighting.

OctaneRender Cameras

Get access to additional camera types and cinematic post-processing effects in to OctaneRender for Unity.


Unity can now read OTOY’s ORBX® file format, a 3D interchange format that includes materials and shaders in addition to geometry, and is already compatible with 25+ digital content creation tools.

FBX Compatibility

Convert ORBX® files to FBX for a familiar, easy-to-use workflow.


OctaneRender Studio and Creator packages include OctaneRender for After Effects and OctaneRender for Nuke, and unlock access to plugins for 25+ digital content creation tools, such as Cinema 4D, Maya, or Houdini; you can also select OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) to harness the power of GPUs in the cloud.


From hardware requirements and installation guides to project-based tutorials, learn how to unleash the power of OctaneRender for Unity:

Installation and project-based guides

To get started, check out the Installation Guide and the Introduction to OctaneRender for Unity tutorial.

OctaneRender for Unity Guides


Take a deeper dive with the OctaneRender for Unity Manual.

OctaneRender for Unity Manual


See an extended list of FAQs.

OctaneRender for Unity FAQs

Unity Assets

Download OctaneRender astonishing sample scenes for free to see for yourself what’s possible.

OTOY Asset Store Scenes


Don't forget to check out the OTOY Forums for the most up-to-date information and to ask more in-depth questions.

OctaneRender for Unity Forum

More about OctaneRender for Unity

Get additional resources and information such as the OctaneRender for Unity roadmap.

More about Unity and OTOY®

Scalable solutions to match the power of your creation pipeline

All versions of OctaneRender are packed with the same powerful features. OctaneRender® Studio and Creator provide access to more GPUs, come with OctaneRender for After Effects and OctaneRender for NUKE included, and unlock a selection of OctaneRender plugins to +25 authoring tools like 3ds Max, Revit, and Blender, or OctaneRender Cloud®, where you can render at scale with GPUs in the cloud, directly from Unity!

OctaneRender Prime for Unity



Powered by 1 local GPU


Free to all Unity Creators
OctaneRender Studio for Unity


per month


Powered by up to 2 local GPUs


Includes OctaneRender for After Effects and OctaneRender for NUKE


Access 1x additional license from a selection of OctaneRender plugins or OctaneRender Cloud
OctaneRender Creator for Unity


per month


Powered by up to 20 local GPUs


Includes OctaneRender for After Effects and OctaneRender for NUKE


Access 3x additional licenses from a selection of OctaneRender plugins and / or the OctaneRender Cloud

Explore creative possibilities with OctaneRender®sample scenes

These Made With Unity creations showcase the power and beauty that OctaneRender can bring to your cinematic experiences. All scenes come with the OctaneRender for Unity Installer and are available for free in the Asset Store.

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Commitment: what is the commitment period for OctaneRender Studio and OctaneRender Creator?

Versions: what versions does OctaneRender for Unity support?

Octane Plugins: what are the plugins that come with OctaneRender Studio and OctaneRender Creator?

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Lightmapping: is OctaneRender’s Lightmap Baking system live?

Real-time Rendering: can I render photorealistic environments in real-time gameplay?

Play and Game Modes: can I use OctaneRender in Play Mode or Game Mode?

Timeline and Cinemachine: can I use this with Timeline and Cinemachine?

General support

Support: where can I find support for OctaneRender for Unity?

OctaneRender Cloud: how do I use ORC?

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