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Conquer the Southeast Asia games market

Do you recognize the opportunity of this fast-growing market but feel unsure about how to monetize?

That’s understandable. With credit card penetration in some regions of Southeast Asia as low as 3%*, it can be difficult to get a maximum return on your efforts... That’s why Unity and CloudMoolah have collaborated to bring you a comprehensive content and payment platform from within the Unity Editor.

Now you can bring your game to more than 100 million gamers and monetize in 6 regions – Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Want to try the new platform? Sign up as a BETA user and tester.

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Mobile gaming is seeing a rapid rise in Southeast Asia, with the new generation of young, mobile gamers in the region often logging onto their smartphone gaming apps daily. This rise of mobile gaming provides game makers with plenty of opportunities to cross-promote new titles and upsell existing customers, leading to expanding revenues for game companies. Located within our Unity Editor, CloudMoolah will allow both game developers and gamers to conveniently and securely manage payment matters across the world. We are excited to work with CloudMoolah to enable more game developers to better monetise their games by reaching a wider audience in untapped markets within the region.

Quentin Staes-Polet

Director for South APAC, Unity Technologies

Getting started

CloudMoolah is currently available on the Android platform only. If you are new to Android development, please check out Unity’s Getting Started Guide for Android.

CloudMoolah is more than just a payment platform

The Southeast Asia mobile games market is very different from the Western market. Apart from payment options, it is essential to know the characteristics of Southeast Asia, and mobile gamers there.

Learn more about the SE Asia market.

In addition to acting as a comprehensive content and payment aggregator, we can help you gain market share in Southeast Asia in many other ways, too:

  • Localization

  • Marketing & advertising

  • Financial & regulatory consultation

  • Local customer service

  • Publishing consultation

  • Investment

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