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Bring your game to the Facebook platform

Reach a huge market of enthusiastic gamers

Build in Unity, get into Gameroom

What better way to promote your game than by putting it in front of the most enthusiastic gamers among Facebook’s 2 billion users?

With the new Facebook build target in Unity 5.6, you can now export directly to Gameroom. Streamline your workflow by deploying your game to the new Gameroom PC gaming desktop client as either native Windows apps or WebGL games (which can be made available on as well).

Download Gameroom

Three steps to getting started

To develop natively in Unity for Facebook Gameroom, you need the minimum SDK version of Unity 5.6. If you have an older version of Unity, you can publish in WebGL to run in Facebook Gameroom.

  1. Create an ID for your app on Facebook
  2. Add Gameroom Native to your app
  3. Install Unity with Facebook Games

If you want to create a new Facebook App ID, or if you've never developed a game with Facebook before, please follow the Developer Onboarding Guide.

What can Gameroom do for developers?


The technology powering Gameroom is built on top Facebook’s infrastructure. We’re making it as low friction as possible for you to publish to our platform, so you can focus your time and energy on making amazing games.


Learn more about how to deploy your game in Gameroom and the payment solutions we offer (from IAP to premium content) in our developer documentation.

Web hosting

Facebook now offers you a way to upload your WebGL game's client code directly to Facebook instead of hosting it on your own server.

Reaching your audience

Multiple touchpoints to potential users, such as Facebook login, newsfeed and Messenger, increase your chances of converting new players.

Got it

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