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Intel and Unity have joined forces to provide you with technical content and publishing opportunities to help you develop better games and monetization strategies. Get the tools and resources you need to optimize your Unity experiences on Intel technology by signing up today!

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Intel® and Unity's Job System, ECS and Burst Compiler

Get the most out of Intel’s CPU

Taking full advantage of CPU requires writing efficient multi-threaded code, a CPU-friendly data layout and code that uses the latest Intel's Advanced Vector Extensions. Use Unity technology to make sure you get the most out of Intel’s CPU, so you can focus on creating even more impressive worlds for your game.

  • The new Unity Job System — easily write jobs

    Allows your game to automatically use all cores available on your users Intel® CPU, from an i3 with 4 cores to an i9 with 18 cores.

  • The ECS system — even faster code execution

    Makes it easy to guarantee that your game data is correctly laid out in memory to take full advantage of Intel's CPU data cache..

  • The Burst Compiler — greater efficiency

    Helps make sure that your game is using the most efficient instruction on your user PC, allowing native code speed while still writing C# code.


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