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Intel® RealSense™ drives immersive and intuitive Unity apps

Intel® RealSense™ technology, a combination of hardware, software, and a 3D camera, changes how users interact with their devices and the world around them. Developers can incorporate into their apps 3D capabilities, hand tracking, facial analysis, voice command, new collaboration technologies, and more. Intel is committed to bringing Intel RealSense apps to the world on phones, tablets, and computers—make your Unity app one of them. Be a part of the first wave of innovators that are creating a whole new user experience.

Get an Intel® RealSense™ Camera and free Intel® RealSense™ SDK

Intel RealSense is supported on both Windows* 8/10. Once you have a 3D camera and SDK, you can immediately start to build your Unity apps.

Get a RealSense Camera

There are two options for acquiring an Intel RealSense Camera, a developer kit or an integrated camera.

Camera developer kit

Intel RealSense offers two different types of external 3D cameras for development: User Facing Camera and World Facing Camera. Check out the UX Design guidelines to determine the best camera for your app: UX Design Guidelines.

Camera requirements

Port: USB 3.0 - CPU: 4th gen (or later) Intel® Core™ processor - Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1* (or later) (64-bit),Android* coming soon

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Devices with integrated camera

Devices with an integrated Intel® RealSense™ camera include Ultrabook™ notebooks, 2 in 1s and all-in-one PCs. These devices are currently available from major OEMs worldwide, thereby representing a tremendous growth and market opportunity for developers to reach broad audiences.

Get the RealSense SDK

With the free sdk, you will have access to a huge library of documentation and sample applications (see the Learn resources page). With source code available, you can quickly and efficiently develop your application.

Intel RealSense Learn resources
STEP 1: Download and install the camera driver

Intel provides the driver to both the User Facing Camera and World Facing Camera.

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STEP 2: Download the SDK

Check out all the free sample applications and source code in the learn resources. They start with basics and show all the new cutting edge features.

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Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked is Intel’s Game Developer Program. The Intel Game Dev Team is working hard to ensure this coordinated, impactful effort helps game developers worldwide be successful creating games using Intel® processors and Intel® graphics in both Windows* and Android* environments. To learn more about the program visit:

The Achievement Unlocked Game Developer Community is the place to get code samples, tools, read articles, blog, and talk about game development on Intel Architecture with other game developers and Intel engineers.

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