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We’re delighted to announce the winners of the HoloLens contest!

This has been a great contest with over 1000 amazing world-changing ideas, and we thank you all for participating. It was challenging to select just 10 finalists, but we’re delighted to share the winners with you.

Congrats to the winners!

To learn more about the experiences, check them out below.


By: Seth Glickman

Prize: $100K cash prize, plus HoloLens Commercial Suite + Unity 12 months Pro subscription

Music Everywhere is a new and intuitive way of learning to play piano using Microsoft HoloLens. Virtual musicians, interactive lessons and guided rehearsals provide an engaging AR music-education experience.

The Thin Red Line

By: Todd Barron

Prize: $30K cash prize, plus HoloLens Commercial Suite + Unity 12 months Pro subscription

Fire is the beast that wants to consume everything in its path, including you. Use your firefighting skills in multiple simulations all while learning the importance of proper fire safety.

The Emperor Norton Bridge

By: Julie Driver

Prize: $20K cash prize, plus HoloLens Commercial Suite + Unity 12 months Pro subscription

Interact with the Emperor Norton Bridge–a.k.a. the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge–and meet the self-declared Emperor, born Joshua Abraham Norton, who set out the vision for it in 1872.

5 Honorable Mentions

Unity 12 months pro subscription + HoloLens Commercial Suite



ZOOO is an entertainment application for HoloLens, with which you can summon life-size animals wherever you are.

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Raven Zachary from Object Theory

Prism by Object Theory is a HoloLens application that allows participants anywhere in the world to have a shared experience to discuss three-dimensional objects and environments in true 3D.

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Frank Groh (Flauchers Finest)

A new way to memorize (almost) anything - combines the Memory Palace or Method of Loci technique with AR.

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Titan MR

Matt Larson

"Titan" is a virtual exploration the largest moon of Saturn. The user can choose interest points to warp across the globe and can fly over the surface via a drone avatar.

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James Simpson 3D

With Holo-Machine, you can start playing around with shapes, colours and ideas at the beginning of your design journey. You can create a complete full-scale mock-up of your production, building or design, which you can walk around to help you make important decisions early on in your creative process.

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Thanks to the following Finalist for participating in this contest

HoloLens Commercial Suite


Yukako Sato & Ryuji Okoba

Beautiful and impressive origami art unfolds before your very eyes in 3D teaching you the art of folding.

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Peter Koch

Fluttar integrates HoloLens with the traditional art class. Draw and design butterflies in the classroom, scan them, and enjoy the whimsy as your butterflies come to life fluttering around you.

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