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Unity for Tizen

Tap into a huge potential market

A huge market of everyday users

Tizen is the OS of Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphones, so building Tizen games with Unity opens the door to opportunities like:

Millions of daily Tizen device users

Compatible with mobile and smart TV devices

Continuously expanding markets

100% revenue in your pocket

There are no registration fees. There are no certification fees. What is there?

100% APP and IAP revenue for you until December 31, 2016 (no remittance charge via paypal, carrier billing fees and taxes can be deducted depending on the country or carrier)

Learn more on the Tizen Developer site

How do I get started?

Install the Tizen SDK. You can download it from Tizen Developer site for Windows, Linux or OS X.

Get Unity for Tizen. This is provided as a free optional install in the Unity Download Assistant. To install Tizen support, just check the box next to the Tizen Build Support option.

To deploy to a device, you need to enable developer mode on the device and create a security profile.

See the Tizen setup documentation for detailed instructions.

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Want to meet us?

Meet Unity at Tizen events to learn more about Tizen platform and Unity’s tool for Tizen

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Seller Office is a bridge for developers like yourself, to connect to Tizen device users, enabling you to distribute and monetize your Applications.

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