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Welcome to Unity for Tizen

If you have developed Unity project before, you can make a Tizen application easily.

  1. Just install Tizen SDK and add a device
  2. Click [Build And Run] button on Unity SDK.
  3. In some cases, you need to upgrade your Unity project to the latest version. But it just takes a little effort.

If you are interested in this, follow the detailed steps below.

Install Tizen SDKs and add a device
  • JRE or JDK is required.
    • [Caution] If you use 64bit OS, install 64bit JRE or JDK manually. Otherwise, if you use 32 bit browser, site will recommend 32bit JRE even though your OS is 64 bit.
    • Download proper version and install JRE or JDK.
  • Install Tizen 2.4 SDK for all devices. It will support all devices based on Tizen with versions 2.3 or higher.
  • After installation, device setting is required. (Currently, emulator is not supported.)
Setup Unity SDK
  • Download Unity SDK with version 5.3 or higher.
  • Sometimes, we face some problems and patches are necessary. To get this faster, you can access the site below.
  • Install with [Tizen Build Support].
  • After installation, check 2 things more.
    • Check Tizen location : [Edit > Preferences > External tools > Tizen SDK Location]
    • Check Signing : [File > build setting > Tizen > Player Settings > Signing Profile Name] (made from step 1.C)
  • If your project was made based on Unity with versions under 5.x, you need to upgrade the project to the latest version.

Now you are ready to make a Tizen Package(TPK). Click [Build And Run].

You can see a TPK file in your project folder.

If you face any issue on these steps, please use the bug report system on Unity SDK.

[Help > Report a Bug…]

And, one last thing: Visit the site below and register your application on Tizen Store.

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