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Build cross platform AR apps attaching digital objects to every day physical objects

Vuforia enables Unity developers to create engaging AR experiences and reach the broadest possible audience. Deploy your AR project across a wide selection of handheld and headworn devices for iOS, Android and UWP and unlock new categories of apps by overlaying digital content on physical 3d objects.

Get started with Sample Assets

New in Unity 2017.3

Ground Plane

Ground Plane allows digital content to be placed on a horizontal surface, such as a floor or table. Ground Plane supports Android, iOS and UWP devices, taking advantage of underlying OS enablers, such as ARKit and ARCore when available. See the complete list of supported devices here.

Model Targets

Model Targets allow you to recognize a new class of objects based on their geometry. They are perfect for placing AR content on top of industrial equipment, vehicles or home appliances.

Getting started

It’s easy to get started with AR using Vuforia.

  1. Install Vuforia with the Unity Editor.
  2. Create a new project and activate Vuforia.
  3. Import the Vuforia Core Samples.
  4. Customize them with your own content.

It’s that simple.

Made with Unity and Vuforia

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Broadest range of devices and platforms

Development tools

Vuforia can be used with leading development tools including Unity, Xcode, Android Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Vuforia supports a wide range of leading phones, tablets and digital eyewear, including Microsoft HoloLens, ODG R7 and Vuzix M300.

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