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Vuforia and Unity are joining forces to make it easier to develop AR applications

With a shared mission to bring more creators to AR and accelerate development, these combined platforms will enable Unity experiences to be placed in the real world with Vuforia.

Vuforia is supported by a global ecosystem of 300,000+ registered developers and has powered 30,000+ apps with more than 350 million app installs worldwide.

Getting started

  1. Download Vuforia from the Unity Asset Store.

  2. Register to get a free Vuforia development key.

  3. Read the Unity Getting Started documentation.

Made with Unity and Vuforia

Discover the amazing games and projects made with Unity


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Rolls Royce

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View Master

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Skylanders Battlecast

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Crayola Color Alive

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Coeur D’Orly

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Make it work. Everywhere.


Vuforia works on a wide range of leading phones, tablets and digital eyewear including Microsoft HoloLens and ODG R7.

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Development Tools

Vuforia can be use with leading development tools including Unity, Xcode, Android Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Your app can see images, objects, text and environments.


Smart Terrain™ enables you to reconstruct and augment your physical environment, to create new kinds of gaming and visualization applications.

Mixed Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality come together for the best of both worlds.

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